CQL Gen-ID Targets Chemical Threat Analysis

    Mar 30, 2023

    CQL Gen-ID

    March 30, 2023 - Rigaku Analytical Devices is pleased to announce the launch of the CQL Gen-ID handheld 1064 nm Raman analyzer for the chemical analysis of common threats.  The CQL Gen-ID analyzer has the ability to identify unknown solids, liquids, powders, pastes, or gels - through translucent packaging.  The CQL Gen-ID contains a comprehensive library of narcotics, explosives, household chemicals, precursors, and more for use by customs agencies, as well as crime and clandestine laboratories.

    The CQL Gen-ID provides the following unique features: 

    • Automatic mixture analysis of up to five components
    • Identification of bulk and trace levels of substances (with optional QuickDetect)
    • Addition of pictorial evidence using an on-board camera for traceability
    • Adjustable nose cone to scan through different thickness and types of packaging
    • Integrated Chemwatch SDS information
    • Pre-configured setting selections based on application
    • Three years of warranty coverage

    In addition, users of the CQL Gen-ID will be able to take advantage of Rigaku's new CommandSuite Software, an integrated fleet management capability that allows for centralized configuration and adminstration of connected and remote CQL analyzers.  This includes upgrading between instrument software, synchronizing user lists, user libraries, and downloading spectra and log files.  CommandSuite is now available on all CQL devices with software version 2.0.6 and higher.

    "The goal of the Rigaku CQL Gen-ID was to provide a cost-effective solution for agencies looking for targeted threat analysis of more general or common threats," said Chris Langford, VP Marketing & Product Management.  "We have identified a customer base that may not need all library categories and applications, and so we wanted to ensure we have a chemical analysis solution that meets their needs and price point."

    The CQL Gen-ID is based on Rigaku's award-winning ResQ and subsequent ResQ CQL 1064 nm Raman platform, used by first responders, law enforcement, and the military to reduce fluorescence interference in high-stress environments.

    The Rigaku CQL Gen-ID is supported by Rigaku's global sales and support distribution channels, offering 24/7 Reachback support, and access to spectral library and software updates.


    CommandSuite MockUps-1


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