WDXRF Metrology Tools

    Flexible elemental analysis for thin films 

    Measureable elements: Be-U

    Rigaku systems can easily measure ultralight elements such as B, C, N, O, Mg, and Al with high energy resolution.

    Quantitative method: Advanced Fundamental Parameter (FP) method is available     

    The FP method enables thickness and composition analysis with one recipe.

    Analyzable structure: Up to 20 stacked layers effectively analyzed

    Since the FP method can consider absorption by other layers, analyses of complex compounds or multi-layered samples are a significant strong point of our systems.

    Analyzable thickness: Sub-angstrom to micron level

    Our systems use high-power X-ray tubes (4 kW) and can select multiple spectral lines for most elements to address a wide range of film thicknesses.

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    WDXRF Series

    Exceptional precision and accuracy in measuring the thickness and composition of materials, particularly with light elements.

    AZX 400 1200x627
    AZX 400

    Sequential WDXRF spectrometer with analytical flexibility for process R&D and low-volume manufacturing and high-product-mix

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    WDA-3650 1200x627

    Simultaneous WDXRF spectrometer for film thickness and composition measurements on blanket wafers

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    WAFERX 310  1200x627
    WaferX 310

    Simultaneous WDXRF spectrometer for In-line, simultaneous WDXRF spectrometer for high-volume manufacturing

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    The advantages of WDXRF metrology tools

    Measurable elements

    Rigaku’s WDXRF metrology tools are capable of measuring a wide range of elements, including ultra-light elements like boron (B) and heavier elements such as uranium (U). This capability extends to elements such as B, C, N, O, Mg, and Al, with high-resolution capability.

    Quantitative method

    Rigaku’s WDXRF metrology tools employ an advanced FP method for quantitative analysis. This method allows for thickness and composition analysis using a single recipe. This means that users can obtain quantitative data regarding the composition of the sample and its thickness simultaneously, streamlining the analytical process.

    Analyzable thickness

    Rigaku’s WDXRF metrology tools can analyze samples ranging from sub-angstrom to micron-level thicknesses. This versatility is made possible by the use of high-power X-ray tubes (4 kW) and the ability to select multiple spectra for most elements. As a result, these systems can accommodate a wide range of sample thicknesses, making them suitable for various applications across different industries.

    Analyzable structure

    Rigaku’s WDXRF metrology tools can effectively analyze complex structures with multiple layers. They can handle samples with up to 20 stacked layers. This is particularly useful because the Fundamental Parameter (FP) method employed by these systems can account for absorption by other layers, enabling accurate analyses of compounds with intricate structures or multi-layered samples.

    High-sensitivity analysis of light elements

    Rigaku’s WDXRF metrology tools excel in detecting and quantifying light elements, such as carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and fluorine, with high sensitivity. This is essential for applications where these elements play a critical role, such as in semiconductor manufacturing or environmental analysis. The ability to accurately measure light elements enables comprehensive characterization of materials and ensures compliance with stringent quality standards.

    Low background and high resolution

    Rigaku’s WDXRF metrology tools are the ideal solution for accurate and reliable analysis of complex samples. With low background levels, they offer a clean and clear signal that ensures the detected signals are predominantly from the sample of interest. Additionally, their high-resolution analysis capability allows for precise identification and quantification of each component, making them the go-to choice for any analytical need.

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