A multilayer optic is produced by depositing alternating layers of light-element- and heavy-element-containing materials onto a substrate. The layer thickness acts like the d spacing in a crystal in the sense that X-rays impinging on a multilayer optic at the proper θ angle will produce a monochromatic diffracted X-ray beam. If the layer thickness is varied across a pre-curved substrate, a graded optic can be produced that captures a larger angle of X-rays from the source and produces either a focused or parallel beam.

Rigaku's products enable improvements in instrumentation and materials used by many industries to better their products.  For example, we produce extreme ultraviolet (EUV) multilayers and coatings for optics to support the continued scaling of computer chip circuitry. We also offer single film, multilayer and crystal optics for synchrotron beamlines and end-stations. Coatings can be made on customer-furnished substrates or on new substrates we provide.

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