X-ray solutions for cement materials

In the cement production process, the chemical and mineralogical composition of various materials—including finished cement—are analyzed to control production and ensure consistent product quality. In order to obtain accurate and precise analytical information—enabling tight production and quality control, as well as compliance with international standards—all raw materials, intermediates and finished products are analyzed.

Rigaku offers well-established X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyzers that address the analytical requirements of the cement industry. We offer benchtop, floor-standing and automated analyzers, as well as various cement solution packages.


Raw materials

Before being used in production, raw meals and raw materials such as limestone, clay, bauxite, silica sand and iron ore are analyzed by XRF to determine their elemental composition. To determine their quality, these materials are also analyzed by XRD to determine the mineral composition. Analysis of the raw materials by XRF and XRD is easy and fast.


Clinker materials produced by calcining and sintering processes of raw meal are analyzed by XRF to determine their elemental composition. Mineral compositions—such as free lime—in addition to major phases (alite, belite, aluminate, ferrite and their crystalline polymorphs) and other crystalline phases are also analyzed by XRD to determine the quality of the materials. Analysis of the clinkers by XRF and XRD is easy and fast.

Finished cements

Finished cements with added gypsum, limestone, and other clinker additives are analyzed by XRF to determine the elemental composition. In addition to clinker materials, the additive minerals are also analyzed by XRD to determine the quality of the materials. Analysis of the finished cements by XRF and XRD is easy and fast.




Rigaku apparatuses can be connected to automation equipment by combining them with a robot arm or a conveyor belt (both optional). Industry standard sample holders (steel rings) are supported as standard.
Sample holder size Outer diameter Inside diameter Height
Steel_ring1 51.5 mm 35 mm 8.6 mm
Steel_ring2 40 mm 35 mm 14 mm


Turnkey solutions

For the cement industry, we have pre-set WDXRF calibration packs for analysis of the most commonly found elements, and for XRD there are recipe preparations of measurement and Rietveld refinements. These pre-prepared tools reduce start-up time, maximize productivity and ensure accuracy of results when creating a new analysis application.

Rigaku’s approach to helping users develop productive, easy-to-use WDXRF analysis methods is centered around the concept of the App-Pak. App-Paks are unique combinations of instrument configurations, analysis standards and application specific software.

Oxide-FB PAK


This WDXRF pre-calibration package, provides a quantitative application set including calibration, measurement conditions and analysis parameters. It is established with 44 certified reference materials by the fusion method. Using this App-Pak, quantitative analysis of 23 components can be carried out. Three multi-element glass disks included in the package are used for maintenance of the calibration curves. This App-Pak is applicable for various oxide materials, such as rock, mineral, ore, slag, refractory or cement.

Cement Pre-calibration PAK


This WDXRF pre-calibration package provides the calibration established with JCA (Japan Cement Association) 601A series cement standards (15 samples) for quantitative analysis for powder samples of cement products and clinker by the pressed powder method. Three glass disks included in this App-Pak enable the customer to maintain the calibration curves.

Application notes

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