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Semiconductor and electronics manufacturing rely heavily on metrology for quality control, accurate measurements, and process optimization. It guarantees reliability, reduces defects, and drives innovation in materials, designs, and fabrication techniques. Semiconductor metrology enables precise measurement and analysis of materials and devices, ensuring adherence to specifications in manufacturing, aiding in defect troubleshooting, and characterizing device performance. In R&D, it facilitates materials development, prototyping, and innovation, advancing manufacturing processes, and ultimately driving the evolution of electronic devices.
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Exceptional precision and accuracy in measuring the thickness and composition of materials, particularly with light elements

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TXRF Tools

Non-destructive TXRF measurements are highly sensitive to trace elements, including Na, Mg, and Al, transition metals, and heavy elements

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XRR, EDXRF & Optical Tools

XRR, EDXRF, and XRD for the characterization of ultrathin, multilayer samples, blanket and/or patterned wafers

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High-resolution XRD Tools

HRXRD and XRR. Strain, composition, and thickness of epitaxial layers, crystalline phase, and texture of polycrystalline films. Thin film and film stack thicknesses and density

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CDSAXS X-ray CD metrology tools for grazing-incidence and transmission measurements for up to 300 mm

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Near-fab Tools

In-line monitoring and control using X-ray topography for detecting crystallographic defects and X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence for analyzing thin film properties

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Lab Tools

X-ray metrology lab tools for semiconductor research and development

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Industry challenges

The semiconductor industry faces metrology challenges in nanoscale precision, complex structure analysis, high-speed measurement accuracy, diverse material integration, calibration standards maintenance, and cost-effective accessibility to advanced metrology tools.

Complexity of structures

Advanced structures like 3D transistors or nano-scale architectures present challenges in accurately measuring and characterizing intricate features, layers, and interfaces.

Quality control

Metrology ensures the quality and reliability of semiconductor products by verifying their adherence to precise specifications. This includes measurements of dimensions, thickness, surface roughness, and material composition to guarantee consistency and accuracy.

Device characterization

X-ray metrology helps in characterize semiconductor devices by measuring parameters like film composition, and interface qualities. This information is vital in determining device performance and functionality.

Defect identification

High-speed, high-resolution X-ray topography enables investigation of crystallographic defects on full wafer scale. The technique is well suited for bare wafers, wafers with epitaxial films, partially processed wafers, and bonded wafers. The amount and types of dislocations, slip lines, dislocation networks, (small angle) grain boundaries, inclusions, precipitates, pits, scratches, stress level, etc. can be imaged, classified, and quantified for quality control, process improvement, and yield enhancement.

Surface contamination

Contamination in manufacturing can be prevented with advanced metrology techniques. In-line monitoring is crucial. Accurate detection and mitigation of contamination are necessary for optimal device performance.

Ultrathin films

Gain valuable insights into the composition, thickness, and structural characteristics of ultra-thin films. This contributes to optimizing manufacturing processes, quality control, and overall performance of semiconductor devices.

Semiconductor metrology solutions

Semiconductors have the power to change the world for the better. At Rigaku, we strive to make this a reality as the leading global supplier of X-ray metrology tools for semiconductor process R&D and high-volume manufacturing.

TXRF Series
TXRF series

Total reflection X-ray fluorescence

TXRF series metrology tools offer significant advantages in semiconductor manufacturing and R&D to evaluate surface contamination. Non-destructive TXRF measurements are highly sensitive to trace elements, including Na, Mg, and Al, transition metals, and heavy elements. Integrated Vapor-Phase Decomposition (VPD) capability available in the TXRF-V310 and XHEMIS TX-3000V enables the lowest detection limits. They are sensitive to trace elements, highly sensitive, and capable of quantitative analysis. These non-destructive tools excel in analyzing thin films, provide valuable insights into their elemental composition and thickness, and contribute to enhanced quality control, optimized processes, and a deeper understanding of materials. Rigaku metrology solutions: TXRF 3760, TXRF 310Fab, TXRF-V310, XHEMIS TX-3000, and XHEMIS TX-3000V.

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WDXRF Series
WDXRF series

Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence

The WDXRF series is known for its exceptional precision and accuracy in measuring the thickness and composition of materials, particularly with light elements. Becoming invaluable instruments in both semiconductor manufacturing and R&D, where maintaining strict control over material properties is crucial for creating high-performance semiconductor devices. Rigaku metrology solutions: AZX 400, WDA-3650, and WaferX 310.

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ONYX series

Hybrid energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence and optical techniques

Typically for characterization of multilayered samples for BEOL and packaging applications. It combines micro-spot EDXRF, 2D microscope, and 3D scanner for in-line, non-destructive inspection and metrology. Rigaku metrology solutions: ONYX 3000 and ONYX 3200.

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XTRAIA MF series

EDXRF (Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence), XRR (X-ray reflectivity), and XRD (X-ray diffraction

The combination of X-ray techniques supports a wide range of applications typically for the characterization of ultrathin, multilayer samples, blanket, and patterned wafers. Rigaku metrology solutions: XTRAIA MF-2000 and XTRAIA MF-3000

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XTRAIA XD series

HRXRD (high-resolution X-ray diffraction) and XRR

Strain, composition, and thickness of epitaxial layers, crystalline phase, and texture of polycrystalline films. Thin film and film stack thicknesses and density. Rigaku metrology solutions: XTRAIA XD-3200 and XTRAIA XD-3300

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XTRAIA CD series

CDSAXS: X-ray CD metrology tools for grazing incidence and transmission measurements for up to 300 mm

GISAXS for in-line small angle scattering for shallow CD measurements XTRAIA CD-3200G. TSAXS for in-line small angle X-ray scattering for high aspect ratio device CD measurements XTRAIA CD-3200T. 

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Near-fab metrology solutions

In-line monitoring and control of various processes to ensure the quality and consistency of semiconductor devices. Typically located in close proximity to the fabrication (fab) area. The near-fab metrology tools play a key role in ensuring the quality, consistency, and reliability of semiconductor manufacturing processes. Enabling monitoring and feedback, to optimize manufacturing parameters and enhance overall yield. Understand crystallographic defects by X-ray topography and thin film properties by X-ray diffraction with Rigaku metrology solutions: XRTmicron, and TFXRD SERIES.

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