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    Based in Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA since 2011, Rigaku Analytical Devices is a pioneer in handheld 1064 nm Raman-based technology for materials analysis. With thousands of units in use globally, our products are trusted by law enforcement departments, government agencies, and security specialists around the world to identify chemical threats. The pharmaceutical industry also relies on Rigaku’s Raman technology for raw material identification, research & development, anti-counterfeit and quality control.

    Rigaku Analytical Devices is an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.

    CQL Max-ID Analyzes Piperdone Hydrate 450x450
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    What matters most

    Access to the most advanced analytical tools for chemical analysis can make all the difference in community and product safety.


    Scan through translucent packaging to avoid exposure to dangerous substances.


    Receive a result in ~1 minute every time.

    Comprehensive library

    Access a comprehensive, on-board library, with the ability to expand

    What we analyze

    Rigaku's handheld Raman analyzer portfolio offers detection, identification and verification of materials - where you need it most.

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    Chemical threats

    U.S. DoD JPEO DR SKO Program Approved

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    Rigaku handheld Raman for Narcotics Analysis 1200x627
    Illicit narcotics

    Accepted by SWGDRUG for Presumptive ID

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    Aseptic Identification of Polysorbates 1200x627
    Pharmaceutical raw materials

    U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

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    Who analyzes

    The need for on-the-spot chemical analysis with a handheld tool makes users more efficient in various industries around the world.

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    Military / EOD operations
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    Hazmat Team 450x450
    First responders
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    Customs agencies
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    Law Enforcement Stock 1200x627
    Law enforcement
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    Overdose Prevention Centers Utilize Raman 1200x627
    Overdose prevention centers
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    Cell Culture Media ID 1200x627
    Pharmaceutical manufacturing
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    Featured products

    Rigaku's Series of handheld 1064 nm Raman analyzers are fit for purpose for your analysis needs and budget.

    CQL Max-ID Identifies Novichok 400x300
    CQL Max-ID

    Maximizes chemical threat analysis, with the largest on-board library to identify over 13,000 items including narcotics, explosives, toxic chemical industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents (CWAs), and more.

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    CQL Gen-ID Identifies Mixtures 400x300
    CQL Gen-ID

    Expands chemical threat analysis with a library that also includes more general threats, including explosives and general chemicals.

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    Rigaku CQL Narc-ID Identifies Fentanyl 1200x627
    CQL Narc-ID

    Presumptive identification of narcotics, precursor chemicals, and cutting agents.

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    Progeny - Polysorbates - amber bottle 1200x960Progeny

    Versatile, handheld spectrometer for raw material identification and verification.

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    Cutting-edge technology

    What is Raman spectroscopy? 

    RamanRaman_Icon spectroscopy is an established vibrational technique that produces a spectrum that relates to features in the sample’s molecular structure. Each compound’s Raman spectrum is unique, and serves as a “chemical fingerprint” that can be used to identify an unknown compound, or a mixture of compounds. 

    What are the benefits of Raman technology? 

    • Nondestructive testing
    • Little to no sample preparation
    • Identify various form factors, such as solids, powders, gels, pastes and liquids
    • Scan through translucent packaging, such as plastic and glass – keeping the user or material safe from exposure


    Rigaku's 1064 nm Raman 

    • Minimized fluorescence interference
    • Identify colored or impure samples 
    • Scan through colored wrappings or containers
    • Analyze mixtures without additional operator action
    • Receive result in 1 minute or less

    Chemical Fingerprint Image


    Learn more about 1064 nm Raman

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