Biotechnology & Life Sciences

    From protein crystallography to molecular imaging

    The scale of analysis used in biotechnology and life science research spans from the atomic level to the entirety of organisms. The X‑ray diffraction (XRD) technique has been widely used in pharmaceutical and food industries to study crystal structures at the atomic level and identify polymorphs. At the greater scale, we also offer preclinical multi-modal molecular imaging systems. For process control, X‑ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers and nondestructive testing (NDT) with radiography are used to detect heavy metals and foreign objects. Raman handheld analyzers are also used for raw material identification (RMID). Rigaku's analytical instruments are optimized for each scale and analytical purposes to keep their operation simple.

    Biotechnology and life science

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    XRD and XRF are vital in drug discovery and quality control. X-ray and electron diffraction techniques are used for macromolecular and small molecule structure determination.

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    Life science research

    X-ray and electron diffractometers play a critical role in life science by solving protein and small molecule structures at the early stages of research and development. We also offer multi-modal molecular imaging for pre-clinical studies and X-ray CT for soft tissue and plant imaging.

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    XRD and crystallography contribute to crystal structure studies in the biotechnology industry. SAXS is applied to nanometer-scale periodic structures. Meanwhile, XRF is often used for elemental analysis. X-ray CT is also used to study both naturally occurring and engineered biological materials.

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    Food and food ingredients

    On the process control side, at-line monitoring, such as XRF for heavy metal concentration analysis and NDT screening for foreign objects, can enhance cost efficiency. On the research and development side, XRD and SAXS are excellent tools for studying food ingredient structures at the molecular level.

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    You can use XRD and XRF for structural and elemental analyses both in the research and process control stages. Handheld Raman analyzers can analyze materials through packaging and are used for RMID, verification, and authentication for anti-counterfeit prevention.

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    MILabs - a Rigaku Company Molecular imaging

    MILabs is one of the global leaders in molecular imaging and offers high-performance pre-clinical multi-modal imaging systems that can integrate micro-PET, micro-SPECT, micro-CT, and Optical Tomography systems.


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