Molecular Imaging Products

Rigaku's molecular imaging systems are built in different base configurations to best meet the researcher’s application needs, offering exceptional performance, cost-effectiveness, and extremely high reliability, offered as stand-alone units or in multimodal imaging configurations.

With proven 0.12 mm resolution ex-vivo SPECT, 0.25 mm in vivo SPECT, and 0.6 mm in vivo PET resolution, nuclear imaging performance is currently approaching physical limits. Complemented by micro-CT and Optical Imaging with unique autonomous operation on an integrated multi-modal platform, preclinical imaging is guided by a simple, intuitive and user-friendly operation to ensure highly efficient workflows, including single-pass PET, SPECT, bioluminescence & fluorescence tomography and CT imaging of small animals with a single dose of anesthesia and without having to shuttle animals between molecular imaging modalities.

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