Safety and Security

    Identification of chemical threats and forensic evidence

    To prevent or defuse chemical threats in various situations, from transportation screening to disaster response, our handheld Raman spectrometers identify chemical threats. Thousands of Rigaku handheld analyzers are used globally, contributing to our safety and security every day. Furthermore, in forensics, our small spot X‑ray fluorescence (XRF) determines the concentration and distribution of chemical elements, while X‑ray diffraction (XRD) identifies chemical phases.

    Safety and security

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    Drug, Hazmat & Explosive Screening

    When facing unknown chemicals that pose a potential risk, access to fast and accurate identification technology to mitigate the threat is critical. Handheld Raman analyzers provide fast and confident analysis, while keeping the user safe from exposure.

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    X-ray analyses are instrumental in legal investigations, analyzing materials in courts. Examples include Pb and Cu residues from bullet holes and minerals in soil samples characteristic of specific locations. While our handheld Raman analyzers are accepted as a Class A Analytical Technique by SWGDRUG for narcotics analysis.

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