Rigaku Extends Partnership with Internationally Recognized CBRNe Program at University of Rome Tor Vergata

    Mar 8, 2023

    ResQ CQL 2.0 with Novichok ResultMarch 8, 2023 - Rigaku Analytical Devices is pleased to announce a renewed partnership with the University of Rome Tor Vergata, in collaboration with their local representative, ABCS Srl.  The program, known as CBRN Gate, provides education, training, and research activities related to global safety and security, in which Rigaku's handheld Raman analyzer product line is used for the identification of potential chemical threats.  CBRN Gate is part of their International Master Course titled "Protection Against Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and explosive (CBRNe) Events," and is property of the Health Safety Environmental Association of Rome (HESAR) Assocation.  HESAR's focus is to increase environmental protection and public safety and security, as well as improving the quality of life, workplace and the ecological system.

    The Internationa CBRNe Program was established in 2009 with the express goal to train civil and military personnel from different backgrounds to face and manage emergency situations.  Program students are typically officers of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Civil Protection, or First Responders.

    The University of Rome Tor Vergata, which has obtained the status of "NATO Selected" and is included in the NATO Education and Training Opportunities Catalogue (ETOC), entered into a cooperation agreement with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), the NATO Joint Centre of Excellence (Czech Republic), and the NATO School of Oberammergau (Germany).  The CBRNe Master courses received the OPCW-Hague award in 2017 for its contribution to the nonproliferation of chemical weapons.

    "We are extremely proud to be involved with the CBRN Gate program and that the students are able to gain hands on and firsthand experience with the types of instruments that can rapidlyResQ CQL in Hands-sm identify chemical threats, explosives, etc. in the field," said Chris Langford, VP Marketing and Product Management at Rigaku Analytical Devices.  "In previous years, both their online and in-person events were well attended, with representatives present from around the world all benefitting from access to the latest technology in the form of Rigaku handheld Raman devices."

    "We look forward to continuing this partnership with Rigaku, as it has allowed our students to become familiar with how to integrate technology when combating real-world CBRNe scenarios," said Prof. Andrea Malizia, Coordinator of the Master Courses of CBRN Gate.  "We want to ensure those involved in the CBRNe field have access to the most advanced tools as part of their protection and those they are serving, and this program has allowed us to do that."

    Rigaku's portfolio of handheld analyzers is based on 1064 nm Raman laser excitation.  This provides the user with the ability to scan dirty, impure, and mixed substances - through translucent packaging - and receive a result in less than one minute.  With a vast library that contains chemical warfare agents (CWAs), TICS/TIMS, explosives, precursors, household chemicals, narcotics, and more - it's the tool of choice among leading CBRNe response teams around the world.


    Rigaku ResQ CQL 2.0 Analyzing Novichok


    Jen Lynch is a Marketing Director and has been involved in the marketing side of manufacturing companies for almost 20 years. Beginning her career as a Marketing Admin, she worked her way through various roles that included events, database management, social media, channel distributors, digital transformation, and more. Focused really on handheld analytical technology that brings the lab to the field, means she has had her hands in many different industries that include pharmaceutical manufacturing, metal production, mining exploration, consumer goods manufacturing – including children’s products, such as toys, and now heavily involved in safety & security applications used by customs & border patrol, law enforcement, military, and first responders.

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