Law Enforcement vs. the America's New Progressive Social Agenda

Sep 26, 2023

When you remove social restraints, you get chaos.  In this episode, two former DEA Agents reunite to discuss the implications of government support on motivation, disparities in education, and the role of law enforcement.  Osvaldo "Ozzy" Amaro and Michael Brown unpack harsh realities of modern day drug smuggling, as well as the impact of immigration policies on the job market, the rise of fentanyl overdoses, and the conflicting messages about drug use.  Needless to say, these seasoned law enforcement agents unwind the complicated intersection of immigration, drug policy, and modern American culture with its evolving societal values.

In this episode, we will discuss: 

  • The conflicting messages surrounding drug use, from the "drugs are bad" narrative to the movement for drug decriminalization
  • Societal implications of dependency on government support, questioning whether it encourages or hinders motivation to achieve personal success
  • The role of law enforcement amidst the larger debate about the direction America is heading, from democracy to social policies



Views expressed in this material are opinions of the host and the guest, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Rigaku Analytical Devices.

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Michael W. Brown is the global director of counter-narcotics technology at Rigaku Analytical Devices. He has a distinguished career spanning more than 32 years as a Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Most recently he was the DEA Headquarters staff coordinator for the Office of Foreign Operations for the Middle East-Europe-Afghanistan-India. Prior to that he served as the country attaché in India and Myanmar providing foreign advisory support for counter narcotic enforcement. He also spent 10 years in Pakistan as a special advisor to the US Embassy on various law enforcement issues. Michael is a graduate of the United States Ranger Training Battalion and has a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Technology and Management from the University of Eastern Michigan.

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