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New products from Rigaku

A curved single crystal X-ray diffraction detector based on direct X-ray detection technology with a higher 2θ range compared to a flat detector.

Curved Photon Counting X-ray Detector

Analyze both ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys


WDXRF ultralow chlorine analyzer

Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence chlorine analyzer

A modernized 2D Kratky system that eliminates data corrections required of traditional systems

A modern 2D Kratky SAXS camera

XRF and optical metrology tool for blanket and patterned wafers; up to 300 mm wafers

Onyx Hybrid XRF and Optical metrology FAB tool

This versatile X-ray metrology tool enables high-throughput measurements on blanket wafers ranging from ultra-thin single-layer films to multilayer stacks for process development and film quality control.


Robotic sample changer to provide unattended data acquisition, enhanced productivity and standardized workflow to your research environment.

XtaLAB Synergy Flow

A new and fully integrated electron diffractometer for measuring submicron crystals, utilizing a seamless workflow from data collection to structure determination of crystal structures

XtaLAB Synergy-ED

High-power, tube-below, sequential WDXRF spectrometer with new ZSX Guidance expert system software

ZSX Primus IVi  Tube-Below Sequential WDXRF Spectrometer ZSX Primus 4