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The composition, structure, properties, behavior and changes substances undergo during a reaction with other substances or in different environmental conditions are important material characteristics. Element analysis of the main components and trace elements can be performed with X-ray fluorescence (XRF), and crystal structure determination and phase analysis and quantification are studied with X-ray diffraction (XRD) in your lab or fab. X-ray analysis examines powders, solids, liquids, pastes, films or single crystals. Rigaku offers a wide range of solutions for both academic research and industrial applications for any composition and type of structural information obtainable by X-rays: XRD (X-ray diffraction) in combination with DSC, CT (computed tomography), handheld Raman, SAXS (small angle X-ray scattering), WAXS (wide angle X-ray scattering), XRR (X-ray reflectivity), and XRT (X-ray topography).


Application Notes

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Small Molecule, Single crystal



Protein, Single crystal

Thermal Analysis

Small Molecule

Single crystal, XRD





X-ray CT, Computed tomography

Rigaku recommends the following systems:


Benchtop tube below sequential WDXRF spectrometer analyzes O through U in solids, liquids and powders

High power, tube above, sequential WDXRF spectrometer

Single crystal

Our most popular diffractometer for Chemical Crystallography and Mineralogy, configured with either single or dual microfocus sealed tube X-ray sources and an extremely low noise direct X-ray detection detector.

A benchtop single crystal X-ray diffractometer ideal for chemical crystallography and teaching.

An entry-level single crystal X-ray diffractometer for Chemical Crystallography configured with microfocus sealed tube technology and a direct X-ray detection detector.

Our most popular diffractometer for Protein Crystallography, configured with a high-flux rotating anode X-ray source and an extremely low noise direct X-ray detection detector.

Spectacular performance combined with dual wavelength versatility, provides the perfect answer for high-capacity Chemical Crystallography labs or for X-ray facilities that support Chemical Crystallography and Protein Crystallography.

A bespoke, extremely high-flux diffractometer with custom enclosure and the flexibility to utilize both ports of the rotating anode X-ray source.

A curved single crystal X-ray diffraction detector based on direct X-ray detection technology with a higher 2θ range compared to a flat detector.

A new and fully integrated electron diffractometer for measuring submicron crystals, utilizing a seamless workflow from data collection to structure determination of crystal structures


New 6th-generation general purpose benchtop XRD system for phase i.d and phase quantification

Advanced state-of-the-art high-resolution XRD system powered by Guidance expert system software

Highly versatile multipurpose X-ray diffractometer with built-in intelligent guidance

High-performance, multi-purpose XRD system for applications ranging from R&D to quality control


Handheld Raman for raw material identification and finished product authentication using 1064 nm Raman analysis.

 The original handheld 1064 nm Raman analyzer to expand incident response by identifying more chemical threats and narcotics

Narcotics-focused analyzer to identify the latest opioid and fentanyl formulations

Improved ergonomics for more convenient identification and detection of chemical threats and narcotics – even in non-visible amounts - using the 1064 nm Raman advantage

A cost-effective solution for departments looking for targeted chemical threat analysis

Small Molecule

User-inspired data collection and data processing software for small molecule and protein crystallography.

The smallest detachable motorized goniometer head on the market.

Robotic sample changer to provide unattended data acquisition, enhanced productivity and standardized workflow to your research environment.


Automated tool for performing in situ crystallography experiments on existing X-ray diffractometers.

Automated crystal transport, orientation and retrieval robot specifically designed for high-throughput structural biology.


Low-cost EDXRF elemental analyzer measures Na to U in solids, liquids, powders and thin-films

Performance EDXRF elemental analyzer measures Na to U in solids, liquids, powders and thin-films

Variable collimator small spot 60 kV EDXRF system featuring QuantEZ software.

EDXRF spectrometer with powerful Windows® software and optional FP.

High-performance, Cartesian-geometry EDXRF elemental analyzer measures Na to U in solids, liquids, powders and thin films


Extremely low noise detector based on direct X-ray detection technology.

2D X-ray detector with latest semiconductor technology designed for home lab diffractometers

Extremely low noise, compact, detector based on direct X-ray detection technology.

A curved detector based on direct X-ray detection technology with the highest 2θ range at a single position available for the home lab.

X-ray CT

High-speed, stationary sample microtomography of large samples

Ultra-high resolution nanotomography using parallel beam geometry

High-resolution benchtop microtomography of large samples


Single wavelength Confocal Max-Flux (CMF) optics for single crystal diffraction

Dual wavelength Confocal Max-Flux (CMF) optics for single crystal X-ray diffraction