Rigaku Business Domains

    Life Sciences_02

    Life sciences

    • Protein structure analysis for developing drugs
    • Pharma crystal polymorphism analysis
    • Medicine structure transformation analysis
    • Food manufacturing / preservation condition analysis

    Environment, resources and energy

    • Material development for recycling process
    • Analysis of toxic metal in soil, plastics, and alloys
    • Mineral resource excavation
    • New energy material development
    Environment Resources Energy_02
    Nanotechnology and Materials_02

    Nanotechnology and materials

    • Nanoparticles / nanopore material development
    • Crystals and biomaterial nanostructure assessment
    • New material characterization assessment
    • Thermo-physical property assessment
    • Raw material analysis / process control

    Semiconductor and electronics

    • Wafer surface contamination analysis
    • Film thickness / composition analysis
    • Crystal defect / orientation analysis
    • Critical dimension analysis of periodic structures  
    • Crystal structure analysis of epitaxial films
    • Thickness, composition, and shape analysis of BEOL / packaging structures
    Semiconductor and Electronics_02
    Safety and Security_02

    Safety and security

    • Investigation of hazardous materials such as explosives, chemical weapons and their precursors
    • Identification of illegal drugs and stimulant