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  • High energy resolution enables low-background measurement
  • 0-, 1-, and 2-dimensional measurements with a pixel multidimensional detector
  • High linear counting rate and wide dynamic range while maintaining high energy resolution enable observation from low to high intensity
  • Kβ filterless measurement is available
  • Intensity-priority mode or angular resolution-priority mode can be easily selected by changing the detector orientation

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X-ray seamless pixel array detector

0, 1, and 2D pixel detector with high energy resolution


High energy resolution

In general, X-ray diffraction measurements using a Cu X-ray source are known to have difficulty detecting trace crystalline phases because of increased background when measuring samples containing transition metals. The high energy resolution of the XSPA-400 ER supresses the fluorescent X-rays originating from the sample, thereby reducing background, enabling highly sensitive measurements of samples containing transition metals, such as iron and steel compounds and battery materials.Therefore, it achieves higher sensitivity measurements than conventional detectors.

Seamless multidimensional pixel detector

Since it supports 0, 1, and 2 dimensions, it is possible to obtain general X-ray diffraction patterns and shape measurements of Debye Scherrer rings, making it possible to measure a wide range of samples, from powders and bulk materials to thin films. In addition, the seamless detector eliminates the need for an IC boundary correction because all pixels have the same shape, allowing a uniform image to be obtained.

High linear coefficient and wide dynamic range

Observations from low to high intensities are possible while maintaining high energy resolution.

Filterless Kβ measurements

Taking advantage of the high energy resolution feature, measurement without a Kβ filter is also possible.

High utility utilizing detection area

The detector orientation can be easily switched on its pedestal, making it possible to select between modes with priority given to intensity or angular resolution.

Product name XSPA-400 ER
Technique X-ray diffraction
Energy resolution (CuKα) 340 eV (when using fluorescent X-ray reduction mode)
Number of pixels 65,536 pixels
Pixel size 75 μm × 75 μm
Count rate >1 x 10⁵ cps/pixel
Detection area 38.4 x 9.6 = 368.64 mm²