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Micro-Z CL
  • Equipped with an air-cooled X-ray tube
  • High sensitivity using doubly curved analyzing crystal
  • Simple sample preparation by pouring the sample into a liquid cell. Cover with film for measurement.
  • Uses inexpensive, dedicated liquid cells

Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence chlorine analyzer

Ultralow chlorine analysis for petroleum and related products

Superior optics for chlorine analyses

Sulfur correction can be performed even for samples with unknown sulfur concentration for more reliable quantification performance. Expensive helium gas is not used because the partition unit between the sample and optical chamber keeps the optics in vacuum.

Upcoming training sessions

Title Dates Cost Location Notes Course outline Registration form
XRF Training (Hybrid, The Woodlands, TX) - $3500 Hybrid Class outline Registration form
ZSX Primus IV & Supermini200 training (Europe) - Please contact Neu-Isenburg, Germany Please register no later than two weeks before the session Class outline Registration form