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Advanced Topics in Practical Crystallography School

Advanced Topics in Practical Crystallography

A series of 5 tuition-free, hour and a half webinars on advanced topics in practical X-ray crystallography. We cover Powder and PDF Data Collection and Processing, High Pressure Cell Data Collection and Processing, Using Ewald3D and new features in CrysAlisPro, and Non-spherical Atom Refinement with NoSpherA2. The series ran Dec. 7–11, 2020 at 8 am CDT every weekday.

To access the course material

Existing forum members: If you do not already have access to the Forum please email to be granted access to the dedicated area for school attendees. Please check before emailing.

Non-members: Please register yourself at In the “Instruments” field enter “Rigaku School” to indicate you are a member of the school. You will not receive a notification when you’ve been approved so please try periodically. Please only email if you have issues registering.

Mathias Meyer, Pierre Le Magueres, Fraser White, Jakub Wojciechowski, Florian Kleemis