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Rigaku events

Booth number Date Location Event website
AAPS 2021 #1438 - Phildelphia, PA (+Virtual) Website
EASTEC 2021 - West Springfield, MA Website
Thermal Analysis Technical Seminar: Let’s Evaluate Materials With TMA~ Principles,Applications And Tips Webinar Register Now
Electron Diffraction (MicroED/3DED) Workshop - Online event Register Now
CBRNe Convergence 2021 - Orlando, FL Website
JASIS 2021 - Chiba, Japan Website
ACS SERMACS - Birmingham, AL Website
ARABLAB 2020 - Dubai, UAE Website
WESTEC 2021 - Long Beach, CA Website
Virtual Workshop: X-ray Computed Tomography - Viewers Choice Online workshop Register
Rayons X et Matière 2021 - Aix-en-Provence, France Website
Rigaku School for Practical Crystallography - Online event Register Now
International Chemical & Petroleum Industry Inspection Tech Conference - Sugar Land, TX Website
FABTECH Mexico - Monterrey, Mexico Website
ECM 33 - Versailles , France Website
Labelexpo Americas - Rosemont, IL Website