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Phase identification of a forensic sample


Forensic science is deeply involved with solving the unknown. Any evidence that may be obtained can help in a particular situation; the hair on the floor or the gun casing on the table. What about the powder in the oven, such as the one observed in Figure 1? What is it?

Powder for XRD miniflex


This is a simple task when using the MiniFlex. The data observed in Figure 2 was collected on the MiniFlex and analyzed using MDI's Jade software with an appropriate Powder Diffraction File (PDF) database. This substance is comprised of monobasic ammonium phosphate, calcium carbonate, silicon dioxide, ammonium sulfate and a sheet forming mica. It would appear that an ABC-type fire extinguisher had been discharged. The next question that needs to be answered is why.

powder xrd forensic