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Recommended compound semiconductor metrology tools

TXRF 3760 1200x627
TXRF 3760: Wafer surface contamination metrology with light elements sensitivity

This compact analytical instrument boasts rapid analysis capabilities with a high-power rotating-anode source and a liquid nitrogen-free Silicon Drift Detector. It covers a wide range of elements including light ones, ensuring accurate analysis of materials like bare silicon, silicon carbide, and non-silicon substrates, with enhanced precision for copper.

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WDA-3650 1200x627
WDA-3650: Simultaneous WDXRF spectrometer for film thickness and composition measurements on wafers

This innovative WDXRF instrument incorporates patented "diffraction avoidance" for precise results. It offers high-sensitivity boron analysis and a solid-state, oil-free X-ray generator for reliability. Configurable for high-volume manufacturing wafer fabs, it ensures high performance, accuracy, and stability while evaluating film thickness and composition across all film types.

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SmartLab SE 1200x627
SmartLab SE: Automated multipurpose X-ray diffractometer

This automated X-ray diffractometer features a versatile in-plane arm with a 5-axis goniometer and high-flux PhotonMax X-ray source. Equipped with HyPix-3000 HPAD detector and CBO components, it enables precise measurements and operando studies. Multiple sample stages and a multi-year warranty ensure cost-effective ownership.

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XRTMICROn 1200x627
XRTmicron: X-ray topography imaging system

Featuring the MicroMax-007 DW dual-wavelength X-ray source and XTOP CCD cameras (5.4 μm and 2.4 μm pixels), this system ensures high brilliance and ultrahigh resolution. With a horizontal sample mount minimizing strain, it offers automatic wafer curvature correction for optimal dislocation image quality. Fully automated operation, including anode, detector, optics switch, and alignment, supports dislocation analysis on 3 to 12" wafers, compatible with wafer loaders.

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XTRAIA XD-3200 1200x627
XTRAIA XD-3200: HRXRD measurements and analysis of multi-layer films

This non-destructive wafer analysis system specializes in multilayered materials, including epitaxial and polycrystalline films. Utilizing HRXRD, it measures thickness, composition, strain, relaxation, and structural quality. XRR measurements assess thickness, density, and roughness, ideal for blanket wafers. Users can choose between a 9 kW rotating anode or a 2.2 kW sealed X-ray generator, along with customizable X-ray optics. Compatible with cleanroom class ≤10,000 (ISO 7) environments, it offers fully automated operation on the GEM300 platform.

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XHEMIS EX-2000 1200x627
XHEMIS EX-2000: Process development and film quality control from ultra-thin, single-layer films to multi-layer stacks

This system offers simultaneous evaluation of film thickness, density, and roughness, ensuring comprehensive analysis. With high-throughput capabilities for wafer measurements, it provides absolute results through XRR without calibration standards. Enabling full-wafer mapping and high-speed measurements via XRF, it delivers high resolution and precision across thicknesses ranging from Ångstroms to microns, compatible with wafers sized 200 mm, 150 mm, 125 mm, and 100 mm.

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