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Insights and expertise in the realm of semiconductor metrology tools. 

Rigaku's collection of application notes serves as a comprehensive resource designed to illuminate the intricacies of semiconductor manufacturing and metrology processes.

These meticulously crafted documents delve into the diverse applications of our cutting-edge metrology tools, providing in-depth analyses, practical tips, and valuable recommendations. Whether you are engaged in research and development or navigating the challenges of semiconductor manufacturing, our application notes are tailored to empower you with the knowledge needed to optimize processes, enhance precision, and drive innovation in the dynamic world of semiconductor technology. Explore the possibilities, unravel the complexities, and unlock the potential of semiconductor metrology with our insightful application notes.

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Semiconductor metrology applications

Semiconductor metrology provides precise measurements and analysis of various parameters, ensuring the quality and performance of semiconductor devices. It plays a crucial role in semiconductor manufacturing.

1200x627 Compound Semiconductors
Compound semiconductors

X-ray metrology solutions for emerging power electronics devices, optoelectronics, 5G, and 6G communications. SiC, GaN, GaAs, InP, Ga₂O₃

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1200x627 Electronic components
Electronic components

Rigaku's advanced analytical technology provides proven material analysis, identification, and quantitation, helping you create safe, efficient, and trustworthy electronic devices.

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1200x627 Other electronic components
Other electronic devices

Rigaku's advanced analytical technology provides proven material analysis, identification, and quantitation, helping you create safe, efficient, and trustworthy electronic devices.

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1200x627 Thin Film
Thin film devices

High-resolution X-ray rocking curves are often used to determine precisely the composition and thickness of epitaxial alloy films. Rigaku's SmartLab diffractometer, which offers variable resolution optics, is ideal for such purposes.

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1200x627 MEMS

Explore MEMS applications for semiconductor metrology solutions. Evaluate MEMS device materials, thickness, and composition of piezoelectric PZT films and sputtering targets with WDXRF.

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1200x627 Power Devices
Power devices

High precision and throughput metal film thickness and uniformity monitoring can be achieved through WDXRF. TXRF can be used to evaluate surface contamination of power device wafers made of SiC or GaN. Additionally, TXRF is also useful for evaluating wet cleans in SiC Power MOSFET fabrication.

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1200x627 Advanced Packaging
Advanced packaging

Explore Semiconductor Metrology Solutions for Advanced Packaging Applications, including UBM/RDL Thickness and composition, Bump Inspection for Composition and height, and Pd Measurement on GaAs Wafers. With the emergence of advanced packaging technologies like 3D ICs and System-in-Package (SiP), metrology plays a critical role in ensuring the accurate stacking, bonding, and interconnection of various components.

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1200x627 Memory

Address process requirements for film thickness and composition, surface contamination monitoring, and process requirements for film thickness and composition. PRAM (GST) Analyze film thickness and composition process requirements. Here we describe different analytical approaches to characterize PRAM (GST) materials by WDXRF versus XRR and EDXRF. MRAM address process requirements for film thickness and composition and surface contamination monitoring.

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1200x627 Sensors

Semiconductor metrology is key to every stage of sensor development, from material characterization to quality control and packaging. It guarantees that sensors meet the strictest performance standards and contributes to advancements in various application areas, including healthcare, automotive, environmental monitoring, and industrial automation.

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Elevating semiconductor manufacturing through advanced metrology excellence

Ensure the quality And reliability of your semiconductor manufacturing process

Cutting-edge technology

Rigaku is synonymous with advanced technology. We harness the power of innovation to provide you with state-of-the-art analytical solutions that enable breakthroughs in science, industry, and research. Our instruments are designed to meet the highest accuracy, sensitivity, and reliability standards, ensuring you stay at the forefront of your field.

Unparalleled expertise

With seven decades of experience, Rigaku has cultivated a team of world-class experts in X-ray analysis, spectroscopy, semiconductor metrology, and imaging. We offer not just instruments but also comprehensive support, training, and expertise to help you maximize the value of your investment. Our commitment to knowledge sharing and customer success is unmatched.

Customized solutions

We understand that every analytical challenge is unique. Rigaku doesn't offer one-size-fits-all solutions; we collaborate closely with you to tailor our instrumentation and services to your specific needs. Whether you are in academia, industry, research, or manufacturing, our solutions are designed to address your distinct requirements, helping you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

Rigaku advantages

Metrology tools with purpose

Epitaxial films

Providing detailed information about their crystal structure, strain, composition, thickness, interfaces, and enabling in-situ monitoring during the growth process.

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Thickness measurement

Measurement of thin film thickness on semiconductor wafers.

Dopant profiling

Measurement of the concentration and distribution of dopants in semiconductor materials.

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Topography and surface profiling

Quantifying the roughness of semiconductor surfaces and Measurement of step heights between different layers on a semiconductor wafer.

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Defect inspection and detection

Identifying and quantifying defects in semiconductor materials and devices and Detecting and analyzing particles on semiconductor surfaces.

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Critical dimension (CD) measurement

Ensuring the precise measurement of line widths in semiconductor devices.

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Overlay metrology

Verifying the alignment accuracy between different layers during semiconductor manufacturing.

Photomask metrology

Ensuring the accuracy of patterns on photomasks used in semiconductor lithography.

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Wafer mapping

Non-destructive and detailed information about layer thickness, composition, crystallographic orientation, defects, warpage, and bow.

Surface contamination

Determining the elemental composition of semiconductor materials.

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Defect detection

Identify defects, voids, and irregularities in semiconductor wafers without damaging them.

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Bump inspection

Solder bump integrity: Ensuring the quality and integrity of solder bumps in advanced packaging technologies.

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Elemental composition

Determining the elemental composition of materials used in semiconductor manufacturing.

Advanced packaging

Ensuring the quality of advanced packaging techniques like fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP) and system-in-package (SiP).

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Crystal structure analysis

Determining the crystal structure and orientation of semiconductor materials.

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In-line process control

in-line process control to monitor and control manufacturing processes in real-time.

Application notes

Semiconductor metrology application notes

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