XRR and EDXRF Metrology Tool for Blanket Wafers

Thickness, density, roughness, and composition of films on blanket wafers

In-line high-volume semiconductor manufacturing

This versatile X-ray metrology tool uses X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) and X-ray reflectivity (XRR) for high-throughput non-destructive measurement of thickness and density of blanket wafers ranging from ultrathin single-layer films to multilayer stacks for process development and film quality control.

XHEMIS EX-2000 Overview

Designed for high-volume manufacturing

XHEMIS EX-2000 is designed for high-volume manufacturing of up to 200 mm wafers. Outstanding stage alignment before measurement enables quick and accurate measurement of a variety of wafer samples. The highly accurate stage control enables full-surface mapping measurements in a short time.

User-friendly designed tool

When equipped with a transfer robot, XHEMIS EX-2000 can handle wafers automatically. AutoCal (an automatic calibration function) maintains constant tool conditions. User-friendly software makes tool operation and data analysis easy. This tool can be used for a variety of applications from research to production for quality control.

Application examples

Barrier metal, Al/W wire, W process, backside electrode, oxide/nitride films, LED, filters, power devices, MEMS

XHEMIS EX-2000 Features

Wide range of materials and applications
Simultaneous evaluation of film thickness, density and roughness
High-throughput wafer measurements
Absolute results from XRR (no calibration standards required)
Full-wafer mapping and high-speed measurements by XRF
High resolution and precision covering thicknesses from Ångstroms to microns
Accepts 200 mm, 150 mm, 125 mm and 100 mm wafers
Available auto-calibration function

XHEMIS EX-2000 Specifications

Technique X-ray reflectometry (XRR), energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF)
Benefit Measure ultra-thin single-layer films to multi-layer stacks.
Obtain film thickness, density, and roughness by XRR (without standards)
Obtain thickness / composition by XRF (with standards)
Technology XRR and small-spot XRF
Attributes Blanket wafer metrology
Cu sealed-tube source for XRR; Cr sealed-tube source for XRF
EDXRF spot size ~ 2 mm diameter
Features XYθ sample stage
Auto loader
Options Pd sealed-tube source for XRF (optimal for Al)
SECS/GEM software
Dimensions 1250 (W) x 1825 (H) x 2400 (D) mm (with auto loader)
Measurement results EDXRF: Film thickness and composition
XRR: Film thickness, density, and roughness

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