AZX 400

    Sequential Wavelength Dispersive XRF Spectrometer for Large Samples

    Sequential wavelength dispersive XRF spectrometer offers analytical flexibility

    Film thickness and composition measurements on wafers, media disks, coupons, sputtering targets Rigaku's unique AZX 400 sequential wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer can measure most elements in the periodic table (from Be to U), making it an ideal thin film evaluation tool for process R&D or in low-volume, high-product-mix environments. The AZX 400's unique ability to accept samples up to 400 mm diameter, 50 mm thick and 30 kg mass also enables composition analysis of sputtering targets, a key measurement capability for processes demanding tight composition control.

    AZX 400 Overview

    XRF with customized sample adapter system

    Having the versatility to adapt to your specific sample types and analysis needs, this WDXRF spectrometer is adaptable to various sample sizes and shapes using optional (made to order) adapter inserts. With a variable measurement spot (30 mm to 0.5 mm diameter, with 5-step automatic selection) and mapping capability with multi-point measurements to check for sample uniformity, this uniquely flexible instrument can dramatically streamline your quality control processes.

    XRF with available camera and special lighting

    Optional real-time camera allows the analysis area to be viewed within software. The operator has complete certainty as to what is being measured.

    Traditional WDXRF analytical capabilities

    All analytical capabilities of a traditional instrument are retained in this "large sample" variant. Analyze beryllium (Be) through uranium (U) with high-resolution, high-precision WDXRF spectroscopy, from solids to liquids and powders to thin films. Analyze wide composition ranges (ppm to tens of percent) and thicknesses (sub Å to mm). Optionally available is diffraction peak interference rejection, for optimal results for single-crystal substrates. Rigaku AZX 400 wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer complies with industry standards SEMI and CE.

    AZX 400 applications

    • Sputtering target composition
    • Isolation films: SiO, BPSG, PSG, AsSG, Si₃N₄, SiOF, SiON, etc.
    • High-k and ferro-dielectric films: PZT, BST, SBT, Ta₂O₅, HfSiOx
    • Metal films: Al-Cu-Si, W, TiW, Co, TiN, TaN, Ta-Al, Ir, Pt, Ru, Au, Ni, etc.
    • Electrode films: doped poly-Si (dopant: B, N, O, P, As), amorphous-Si, WSix, Pt, etc.
    • Other doped films (As, P), trapped inert gas (Ne, Ar, Kr, etc.), C (DLC)
    • Ferroelectric thin films, FRAM, MRAM, GMR, TMR; PCM, GST, GeTe
    • Solder bump composition: SnAg, SnAgCuNi
    • MEMS: thickness and composition of ZnO, AlN, PZT
    • SAW device process: thickness and composition of AlN, ZnO, ZnS, SiO (piezo film); Al, AlCu, AlSc, AlTi (electrode film)

    AZX 400 accessories

    • Sample camera with special lighting allows the analysis point to be viewed on screen
    • Diffraction interference rejection provides accurate results for single-crystal substrates
    • Fundamental Parameters software for thin film analysis

    AZX 400 Features

    Large sample analysis
    • Up to 400 mm (diameter)
    • Up to 50 mm (thickness)
    • Up to 30 kg (mass)
    Sample adapter system
    Adaptable to various sample sizes
    Measurement spot
    • 30 mm to 0.5 mm diameter
    • 5-step automatic selection
    Mapping capability
    Allows multipoint measurements
    General purpose
    • Analyze Be - U
    • Elemental range: ppm to %
    • Thickness range: sub Å to mm
    Diffraction interference rejection (option)
    Accurate results for single-crystal substrates
    Small footprint
    50% footprint of the previous model
    Compliance with industry standards
    SEMI, CE marking
    Sample view camera (option)

    AZX 400 Specifications

    Technique Sequential wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence
    Benefit Flexibility to measure a variety of sample types, including 50 - 300 mm wafers, coupons, and sputtering targets (up to 30 kg)
    Technology Analytical flexibility to measure elements from Be to U
    Well-suited for process R&D and low-volume, high product mix environments
    Attributes 4 kW sealed X-ray tube, sequential type goniometer, primary beam filter; measurement spot sizes 30, 20, 10, 1, and 0.5 mm (diameter)
    Features SQX (standardless analysis) software
    Measurements under vacuum enable light-element sensitivity
    Diffraction peak interference rejection 
    Options Wafer loader
    Sample view camera 
    Dimensions 1376 (W) x 1710 (H) x 890 (D) mm
    Measurement results Film thickness and composition

    AZX 400 Application Notes

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