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Rigaku Technology Center Silicon Valley

A technology center designed for our customers

Rigaku Corporation, along with its Semiconductor Metrology Division, is expanding its operations in Silicon Valley to improve its services for American market customers and enhance the corporation’s innovation links with US semiconductor manufacturers.

We provide demonstrations of metrology tools, offer service and applications training, and showcase the latest technologies for thin film inspection, metrology, and monitoring.

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Cutting-edge semiconductor metrology for semiconductor R&D and high-volume manufacturing

Experience the latest thin film inspection, metrology, and monitoring technologies

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X-ray fluorescence techniques for blanket thin film and patterned device measurements, high-resolution X-ray techniques for epitaxy, strain, and crystal structure, and capabilities for monitoring process contamination. From a technology perspective, these capabilities cover advanced process development and manufacturing from front-end patterning through deposition/etch through packaging.

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Capabilities and technologies: Experience advanced 300 mm X-ray metrology instrumentation. The most reliable solutions to aid their metrology issues keep growing over the device generations, with the highest throughput and compelling cost of ownership.

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Applications and service training are as important to you as it is to us. We want to be sure everyone on your team is adequately trained on the safety and operation of our X-ray metrology tools.

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Our services

Our customer support program helps semiconductor manufacturing fabs improve production by providing appropriate metrology and inspection technical support to maximize tool uptime and guide proper tool utilization.

Applications training

Rigaku Technology Center Silicon Valley provides applications training to customers and its employees. The applications training is provided immediately following the Rigaku platform installation at the customer site.

Service training

Rigaku Semiconductor Metrology division provides service training to customers and its employees. The service training is provided during the platform installation at the customer site. At Rigaku Technology Center, we provide additional or supplemental training upon request.


At the new Rigaku Technology Center, visitors will experience the most reliable solutions to address their metrology challenges and keep developing over the device generations, with the highest throughput and compelling cost of ownership.

TXRF (Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence) | Typically for surface contamination) TXRF 3760, TXRF310Fab, TXRF-V310, XHEMIS TX-3000, and XHEMIS TX-3000V.   

WDXRF (Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence) | Typically for highly accurate and precise thickness and composition measurements, especially with light elements. AZX 400, WDA-3650, and WaferX 310. 

Hybrid EDXRF (Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence and Optical Techniques)  | Typically for characterization of multilayered samples for BEOL and packaging applications. It combines micro-spot EDXRF, 2D microscope, and 3D scanner for In-line non-destructive inspection and metrology. ONYX 3000 and ONYX 3200.

EDXRF (Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence), XRR (X-ray Reflectometry), and XRD (X-ray Diffraction) | The combination of X-ray techniques supports a wide range of applications typically for the characterization of ultra-thin, multi-layer samples, blanket, and patterned samples. XTRAIA MF-2000 and XTRAIA MF-3000.

HRXRD (High-resolution X-ray Diffraction) and XRR | Strain, composition, and thickness of epitaxial layers, crystalline phase, and texture of polycrystalline films. Thin film and film stack thicknesses and density. XTRAIA XD-3200 and XTRAIA XD-3300.

*Tools listed in bold italic are on display

Per the continual demand of the semiconductor industry, integrated circuits (ICs) demonstrate higher performance at a lower cost than their predecessors. Wafer metrology tools are used to design and manufacture ICs by carefully controlling the film properties, line widths, and potential defect levels to optimize the manufacturing process of these devices. Rigaku’s metrology tools and wafer inspection capabilities can target semiconductor devices' physical and electrical properties under production. Wafer metrology can specifically identify surface particles, pattern flaws, and other conditions that could negatively impact device performance.

Rigaku is constantly developing new technologies for:

  • Metrology automation, thin film characterization.
  • Wafer contamination monitoring.
  • Ultrathin single-layer films and multi-layer stacks.
  • Non-destructive 3D measurement technology.
  • Semiconductor high-volume manufacturing process monitoring from Lab to Fab.

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