On-site Drug Screening at Overdose Prevention Centers

As the illicit drug supply becomes more dangerous with the influx of synthetic chemicals being used, it's critical they are equipped with advanced analysis technology that can provide identification of substances for users and staff.  With the use of identification equipment, involuntary overdoses can be prevented.

The Rigaku Raman analyzer can scan through packaging and get drug test results in seconds, with a device that has the latest drug formulations in its library.

Overdose Prevention Centers Utilize Raman 450x450
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Safety Comes with Certainty, be Ready with a Rigaku Drug Checker

Reduce the increasing rates of unintentional drug overdoses by integrating drug analysis technology that is easy to use.


Reliable, lightspeed drug screening.

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The most up-to-date drug database.


Reduce exposure prioritizes staff safety.

Try a Rigaku Analyzer at Your Facility for Free

We're partnering with overdose prevention centers to fight the opioid epidemic.  

Let's reduce the increasing rates of unintentional drug overdoses by integrating drug analysis technology.  The Rigaku HIHA Program equips local overdose prevention centers with a free ResQ CQL analyzer and on-site training to help reduce the probability of overdoses to those seeking assistance.  This program is free to apply to for local overdose prevention facilities and government officials seeking to equip their local center.



Handheld Rigaku Raman analyzers provide detection and identification of that latest strands of illicit drugs. With counterfeits on the rise, the need for access to the latest formations has never been more critical.

Rigaku CQL Narc-ID Identifies Fentanyl 1200x627

Presumptive identification of narcotics - including fentanyl and nitazene analogs, as well as xylazine.

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