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Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence (TXRF) for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Presenter: Meredith Beebe

In this webinar, you will find explore the TXRF techniques applied to semiconductor metrology and wafer inspection. Its analytical advantages and explore ways it can be used in thin film quality control. Meredith Beebe breaks down the fundamentals of TXRF and will showcase examples of its use in solving manufacturing challenges.

You will learn:

  • TXRF Advantages And Disadvantages
  • TXRF Key Applications
  • Importance Of Clean Wafer Substrates
  • Principles Of Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence
  • W Rotating Anode Beam Selection
  • W Source For Transition Metals
  • W-M Line For Light Elements
  • High Energy Line For Heavy Metals
  • Using TXRF to Monitor Process Tool to Wafer Contamination
  • Traditional TXRF
  • Sweeping TXRF And Application Data
  • Vapor Phase Decomposition Process
Presenter: Meredith Beebe
Rigaku Americas Corp
Semiconductor X-ray Metrology Applications Scientist

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