Thickness Characterization of a Power Device Backside Electrode

WDXRF can monitor metal film thickness and uniformity with high precision and throughput.

All four layers, even the bottom Al, can be analyzed simultaneously thanks to the high-power (4 kW) X-ray source and the FP method.

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Elements measured by WDXRF

X                     Y Au Ni Ti Al
nm nm nm nm
Average (nm) 49.3 551.3 198.2 89.5
Maximun (nm) 50.4 557.3 201.2 91.1
Minimun (nm) 48.1 544.8 195.3 87.9
Range (nm) 2.3 12.5 5.9 3.23
Sigma (nm) 0.90 3.59 1.61 0.87
RSD (%) 1.82 0.65 0.81 0.97

RSMD0002 Au Ni Ti Al


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