SmartLab Studio II

Software Suite for Rigaku X-ray Diffractometers

Integrates user privileges, measurements, analyses, data visualization and reporting

SmartLab Studio II is a new Windows-based software suite developed for the flagship Rigaku SmartLab X-ray diffractometer that integrates user privileges, measurements, analyses, data visualization and reporting. Newly available for the MiniFlex, the modular (plugin) architecture of this software delivers state-of-the-art interoperability between the functional components.

Now Artifical Intelligence Powered

SmartLab Studio II Overview

Just one click switches from measurement to analysis. Watch real-time scans from one experiment while simultaneously analyzing other data on the same desktop by selecting an appropriate layout. The software provides various analysis tools such as automatic phase identification, quantitative analysis, crystallite-size analysis, lattice constants refinement, Rietveld analysis, ab initio structure determination, etc.

Announcing: Total scattering measurements and PDF analysis

The reverse Monte-Carlo (RMC) option has been added to the SmartLab Studio II PDF plug-in.  Accordingly, detailed information about total scattering measurements and PDF analysis is now available on a web page. For details, please refer to the following link: Total Scattering Measurements and PDF Analysis

SmartLab Studio II Features

Seamless operations from measurement to reporting by single software platform
Covers basic XRPD applications, e.g. qualitative, quantitative, crystallite size, Rietveld analysis, as well as advanced analysis, e.g. X-ray reflectivity, HRXRD, pole figure and PDF
Clustering analysis and Data Visualization supports various data treatments
Supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11 data integrity
Network dongle provides software licenses maximum 10 PCs

SmartLab Studio II Videos

SmartLab Studio II Options

The following accessories are available for this product:

XRD Measurement Plugin

A measurement package built by experts in XRD

Powder XRD Plugin

The state-of-the-art consolidated powder X-ray analysis package

AI Plugin - Phase Identification

This module can improve your productivity when you often analyze similar samples but have difficulty identifying minor phases such as impurities, foreign materials, etc.

AI Plugin - XRD Component Decomposition

This AI-powered module can separate an X-ray diffraction (XRD) pattern of an unknown mixture into multiple components and quantify each phase.

AI Plugin - X-ray Reflectivity Analysis

This AI-powered module can suggest how to adjust your simulation model to improve the quality and accuracy of X-ray reflectivity (XRR) analysis.

PDF Analysis

The PDF can extract information about interatomic distances and coordination numbers from scattering patterns independent of the crystallinity of the material.

RMC Method

The RMC method provides real space information as follows: revised structure mode, partial correlation, angular histogram.

Total Scattering Measurement

The Total Scattering Measurement uses not only diffraction peaks but also diffuse scattering, which is treated as background in powder XRD measurement, for analysis.

Measurement and PDF plug-in

An integrated software package for X-ray analysis from measurement to analysis.

XRR Plugin

X-ray reflectivity analysis software for a wide range of applications, from film thickness to detailed multilayer structure analysis

Stress Plugin

Stress plugin for a variety of purposes from QC to R&D

HRXRD Plugin

An integrated reciprocal lattice map and high-resolution rocking curve plugin for epitaxial films analysis

Texture Plugin

Texture plugin is designed to analyze the ODF (Orientation Distribution Function) from pole figure data measured with 0D or 2D detectors.


Determination of particle/pore size distribution ranging from nano- to submicron order

PDF Plugin

The PDF plugin can calculate RDF (radial distribution function) and PDF (pair distribution function) with Fourier transform of S(Q) (Structure factor).

Data Visualization Plugin

The Data Visualization plugin efficiently processes thousands of data sets collected by operando measurements such as temperature-controlled measurements and displays the results in an easy-to-understand manner.

XRD-DSC Plugin

User-friendly tool for simultaneous XRD-DSC measurement

EasyX Plugin

Screening/plugin for quality control affording easy measurement, automated analysis and visualization of analysis result

SmartLab Studio II Application Notes

The following application notes are relevant to this product

SmartLab Studio II Resources


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