TXRF 3760

    Wafer Surface Contamination for up to 200 mm Wafers

    Measure elemental contamination at discrete points or with full wafer maps

    Total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) analysis can gauge contamination in all fab processes, including cleaning, litho, etch, ashing, films, etc. The TXRF 3760 can measure elements from Na through U with a single-target, 3-beam X-ray system, and a liquid nitrogen-free detector system.

    TXRF 3760 Overview

    The TXRF 3760 includes Rigaku's patented XYθ sample stage system, an in-vacuum wafer robotic transfer system, and new user-friendly Windows software. These contribute to higher throughput, accuracy and precision, and easy routine operation.

    Optional Sweeping TXRF software enables mapping the contaminant distribution over the wafer surface to identify "hot spots" that can be automatically re-measured at higher precision.

    Optional ZEE-TXRF capability overcomes the historical 15 mm edge exclusion of original TXRF designs, enabling measurements to be made with zero edge exclusion.

    High-reliability wafer surface contamination analysis

    TXRF is an indispensable tool for materials and device development for semiconductor manufacturing. Remarkable reliability is achieved thanks to newly developed X-ray optics, a new stage mechanism, and a new concept in compact rotating-anode X-ray sources. Also, a new, low-COO TXRF model offers reduced initial and operating costs.

    Detection limit of typical elements (LLD)

    Detection limit LLD (E10 atoms/cm²) Na Al Fe Ni Cu
    25 25 0.1 0.1 0.15

    TXRF 3760 Features

    Ease of operation and rapid analysis results
    Accepts 200 mm and smaller wafers
    Compact design, footprint
    High-power rotating anode source
    Wide range of analytical elements (Na~U)
    Light-element sensitivity (for Na, Mg, and Al)
    Application to bare Si and to non-Si substrates
    Import measurement coordinates from defect inspection tools for follow-up analysis

    TXRF 3760 Specifications

    System parameters Specifications
    Technique Total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF)
    Benefit Rapid, non-destructive measurement of trace elemental surface contamination (Na – U)
    Technology Three-beam TXRF system with electronically-cooled detector, and automatic optics exchange 
    Attributes High-power W-anode X-ray source (9 kW rotating anode)
    Three excitation energies optimized for light, transition, and heavy elements
    XYθ sample stage for diffraction avoidance
    In-vacuum wafer robotic transfer system
    Accepts up to 200 mm wafers
    Features Full wafer mapping (SWEEPING-TXRF)
    Zero edge exclusion (ZEE-TXRF)
    Options SECS/GEM software
    SMIF handling
    Dimensions 1000 (W) x 1760 (H) x 948 (D) mm
    Measurement results Quantitative result, spectrum chart, color contour map, mapping table

    TXRF 3760 Application Notes

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    TXRF 3760 Resources


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