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Semiconductors and micro-electronics X-ray metrology solutions for in-process R&D and high-volume manufacturing.

Rigaku Semiconductor Metrology Division specializes in providing WDXRF, XRR, EDXRF & Optical, TXRF, XRD, HRXRD, and CDSAXS metrology tools to measure critical process parameters, including thickness, composition, density, roughness, surface contamination, crystallite size, stress/strain, CD, shape, and more.

Rigaku offers X-ray metrology solutions for process R&D and high-volume manufacturing of semiconductors and micro-electronics, and global 24/7 service and support.

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Rigaku semiconductor metrology tools deliver cutting-edge solutions for process development, control, and yield enhancement.

Per the continual demand of the semiconductor industry, integrated circuits (ICs) demonstrate higher performance at a lower cost than their predecessors. Wafer metrology tools are used to design and manufacture ICs by carefully controlling the film properties, linewidths, and potential defect levels to optimize the manufacturing process of these devices. Rigaku’s Metrology tools, combined with wafer inspection capabilities, can target semiconductor devices' physical and electrical properties under production. Wafer Metrology can specifically identify surface particles, pattern flaws, and other conditions that could cause adverse effects on the performance of these devices." to "negatively impact device performance.

Rigaku is a pioneer and world leader in designing and manufacturing X-ray-based measurement tools (X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence, and X-ray reflectometry) to solve semiconductor manufacturing challenges. With more than 30 years of global market leadership in the semiconductor industry, our families of products enable everything from in-fab process control to R&D for thin film and materials characterization.

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