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  • True submicron resolution by parallel beam geometry coupled with an ultra-thin scintillator and optical lens magnification
  • High-contrast for low-density materials by selectable characteristic radiations (Cr 5.4 keV, Cu 8 keV, Mo 17 keV) additional to bremsstrahlung radiation from W target
  • Easy radiation selection by the dual-wavelength X-ray source
  • Fast scans by the MicroMax-007 high-power (1200 W) rotating anode X-ray source and sCMOS detector


An Insight to the nano3DX - X-Ray Microscope

X-ray microscope

True submicron high-contrast X-ray computed tomography

Rigaku nano3DX represents the state of the art in laboratory-based nanoscale X-ray imaging. With up to 100X the X-ray flux of conventional microfocus X-ray sources, the nano3DX provides fast, true sub-micron 2D, 3D, and 4D measurements for a wide range of sample types.

High-resolution: High-quality CT images are obtained at submicron resolution by utilizing parallel beam X-ray geometry coupled with an ultra-thin scintillator and optical lens magnification.

High-contrast for lighter materials: The contrast in samples with low-density (organics, composites, ceramics, polymers, light metals, and minerals) is enhanced by utilizing high-power (1200 W) quasi-monochromatic radiations from 5.4 keV to 17 keV.

High-speed: A combination of the high-flux X-ray source and an sCMOS detector enhances sample throughput and enables high-resolution 4D measurements for time-resolved in-situ experiments.

Product name nano3DX
Benefit True submicron high-contrast X-ray computed tomography
Technology X-ray computed tomography
X-ray generator MicroMax-007 HF rotating anode X-ray generator
Tube voltage 20 to 60 kV
Tube current up to 30 mA
Target Cr, Cu, Mo, and W
Detector sCMOS
Field of view Maximum 10 mm
Resolution Maximum 325 nm

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Application Bytes

Ant tibia 1

Ant tibia 2

Ant tibia 3

Detergent particle

Foam 1


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