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Patch for ICDD PDF-2/4 Release 2012

When you use ICDD PDF-2/4 Release 2012 on PDXL, you have to update the program after installing PDXL. Following the procedure below, install the patch file, then create the index file of the database (see PDXL User Manual). Note: The patch file is valid for PDXL Ver. only. If you use a different version of PDXL, please contact us. Click here to get the archive file of the patch (Original size: 246,272 bytes; compressed size: 100,583 bytes). After downloading the archive file, update the program according to the following procedure.

  1. Decompress the above archive file.
  2. Double-click PDXL_2030SP1_Patch.exe.
  3. The following message will appear. Click the OK button.

This completes the software update.