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EUV replicated optics
  • Optical surface material: Au, Ni, Ru, Mo, etc…
  • Most advanced replication technology
    • Spectral range: EUV (60 – 200 eV)
    • Soft X-ray (200 – 2000 eV)
    • Hard X-ray (2000 – 10000 eV)
  • Optical shape: elliptical, parabolic and other aspherical shapes available upon request
  • Typical surface roughness: Ra ≈ 0.3 – 2 nm
  • Typical dimensions: Diameter (D): 5 – 250 mm
    • Length (L): 10 – 130 mm
Higher performance through better layer coatings
Replicated optics   Replicated optics
Au vs. Ru, up to 2x higher reflectivity using ruthenium layer

Replicated optics for EUV and X-ray radiation

Custom designed optics of various shapes for EUV and X-ray facilities and laboratory sources

Replicated optics

RITE manufactures and sells Total Reflection X-ray optics. Total Reflection X-ray Optics are specially designed to satisfy both the evolving EUV/XUV industry and the more established Hard and Soft X-ray applications.

RITE has mastered a unique manufacturing technology called replication. This manufacturing technique enables the production of X-ray optics with unique optical features such as low weight, high surface precision (low slope error) and extremely low micro-roughness. Another interesting attribute of Total Reflection Optics is the use of various metallic layers as coatings. The most commonly used materials are Ni, Au, Mo and Ru.


Replicated optics
Ellipsoidal focusing optics

Replicated optics
Parabolic collimating optics