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Join us live or watch our on-demand webinars to learn how X-ray CT works, how you can apply it to your work, and learn CT techniques from industry experts.

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Webinar series Decoding Defects: Failure Analysis Using X-ray CT

Join us for this webinar series to learn how X-ray CT can be used to help you decode various defects and analyze the causes of product and material failures.


Webinar series Ask the Expert

The best way to learn something is often to talk to an expert. CT techniques are not an exception. In this series, we invite experts in deep learning (Dr. Mike Marsh),  drug development (Joshua Lomeo), digital rock physics (Dr. Arne Jacob), and more.

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Workshop series Deep Dive Workshop

Did you know that you can use CT for modeling and simulations? In this Deep Dive series, you will learn everything from data collection to advanced simulations for digital rock physics and filtration analysis.

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Webinar series X-ray Computed Tomography for Materials and Life Science

Our webinar series has helped many people learn what X-ray CT is, how it works, and how it can help in various areas. If you are new to this technique, you can star here.

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Interactive workshop series X-ray Computed Tomography Virtual Workshop

In this workshop series, you can see a demonstration of micro and sub-micron resolution CT scanners and image analysis software. We experiment with different scan and analysis conditions we choose with the live audience, compare the results, and discuss how to improve image quality and analysis results for various samples.

X-ray CT Virtual Workshop

Interactive workshop series Image Processing Workshop

Have you ever wondered how things like denoising, unsharp filter, and CT reconstruction work? Or how to choose the right technique? In this workshop, you will learn how these image-processing techniques work and how to choose the right one. You can download the sample images and follow us through the process.

Image Processing Workshop
  • I always attend your webinar whenever possible. Clarity in your slides and explanations are beyond comparison.
    Read more
    Dr. Arun Torris
    National Chemical Laboratory - CSIR
  • ...the webinars have been a fantastic resource. We do a lot of varied life science and geology CT work here, so it's always great to get new info and tips.
    Read more
    Dr. Andrew Smith
    merican Museum of Natural History
  • That was a FANTASTIC webinar! Easily one of the best I've ever attended on any subject. Thank you!
    Read more
    Dr. Colleen Frazer
    This testimonial was given by Dr. Frazer when she was employed at Covalent Metrology.

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