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University of Southern California X-Ray Micro Computed Tomography Seminar & Workshop (2023)

In this seminar, we learned about various applications of X-ray CT in geology and archeology from the top researchers in the field.

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University of Delaware X-ray Microscopy Seminar & Workshop (2022)

We invited top-level innovators and researchers in the field to learn the latest advances in X-ray microscopy, including an application of deep learning to X-ray CT image analysis.

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Rigaku Europe SE Rigaku Pharma Forum (2022)

Researchers from different areas in pharmaceutical analysis gathered to share their expertise and have interdisciplinary discussions. A presentation on sub-micron CT applications by MSc. Jakub Salplachta is available.

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Rigaku Americas X-ray Microscopy Seminar & Workshop (2019)

We invited experts and discussed image segmentation by deep learning, the application of X-ray CT to study surface phenomena, and the keys to X-ray CT measurements of lightly-absorbing materials in this seminar.

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