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Webinars and workshops

Watch our on-demand webinars to learn how X-ray CT works, how you can apply it to your work, and learn CT techniques from industry experts.

Decoding Defects: Failure Analysis Using X-ray CT

In this series, you learn the basics of failure analysis and how X-ray CT can be used to help you decode various defects and analyze the causes of product and material failures.

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XCT materials and life science webinar 02
X-ray Computed Tomography for Materials and Life Science

In this introduction series, you will learn how CT works, and how it can be applied to various research areas. If you are new to X-ray CT, it is a good place to start.

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Image Processing Workshop
Image Processing Workshop

In this workshop, we review how image processing techniques work. You will see demonstrations using ImageJ and Dragonfly. You can download the sample images and follow us through the process.

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X-ray CT Virtual Workshop
X-ray Computed Tomography Virtual Workshop

Do you want to see all measurements and analyses in action? We demonstrate many X-ray CT tools in our workshops, including micro and sub-micron resolution CT scanners and image analysis software.

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XCT ask the expert webinar header_register_1200x600_all_episode_feature
Ask the Expert

The best way to learn the latest CT techniques and how to apply them to your work is to talk to experts. In this series, we invited seven experts and asked questions on various topics.

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Deep dive header_register_1200x600_Rock_no_date_no_registration
Deep Dive Virtual Workshop

In this Deep Dive series, we take a deep dive into CT-based simulations for digital rock physics and filtration analysis over three episodes.

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Blog - Let's Talk X-ray Imaging

From practical tips and product reviews to imaging-related X-ray physics, you will see us and industry experts talk about X-ray imaging here.

beam hardening feature
What Is Beam Hardening in CT?

Beam hardening is notorious for causing nasty artifacts in CT images. Understanding where they come from can help you reduce or avoid this problem.

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feature - CT reconstruction
How Does CT Reconstruction Work?

To obtain a 3D image of an object, we "reconstruct" the image from 2D projections. But how does this work exactly? I will attempt to demystify reconstruction in this article.

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common problems feature
7 Common Problems with X-ray CT & How To Avoid Them

Although X-ray CT is a powerful technique, it is not for everyone. Depending on your research needs, it might not be the right tool. In this article, we will review seven common problems with X-ray CT and discuss how you can avoid them.

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How to Improve the Resolution of X-Ray CT Images

The critical question is not “How do we improve the resolution?” but “How do we optimize the resolution?” The process starts with understanding the resolution required for the given analysis task.

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best software featuren
Best CT Analysis Software

There are many software choices and hundreds of different analysis methods, tools, and modules to consider. I selected the best one for different analysis purposes.

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How Much Does a Micro CT Scanner Cost?

The cost of a CT scanner ranges widely. This article reviews different types of CT scanners and their price ranges and discusses other aspects of costs, such as optional items and maintenance.

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Tutorials, publications, and more

From ImageJ tutorials to a list of publications, you will find many ways to learn more about X-ray CT here.

Learning more - books
What is micro CT?

How does it work? How much does it cost? Do I need It? What are the common problems? - You will find answers in this guide.

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ImageJ mini tutorials feature
Mini Tutorials - X-ray CT Explained with ImageJ

This mini-tutorial series explains basic but very important concepts of X-ray CT using ImageJ, an open-source image processing tool. ImageJ is an open-source, and you can download the sample data and follow the tutorials to get hands-on experience.

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Publication list

Discover what people are seeing, achieving, and delivering using our CT scanners.

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Seminars and invited talks

Let's learn from the experts.

USC XCT seminar feature rectangular
X-ray Micro Computed Tomography Seminar and Workshop

Some of the top researchers discussed various applications of X-ray micro-CT in geology and archeology.

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Mike and Chandra at UD seminar-feature rectangular
X-ray Microscopy Seminar and Workshop

Top-level innovators and researchers in the field discussed the latest advances in X-ray microscopy, including an application of deep learning to X-ray CT image analysis and how you can apply X-ray CT to various research areas.

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RESE Rigaku Pharma Forum 2022 feature image-feature
Rigaku Pharma Forum

MSc. Jakub Salplachta presented sub-micron CT applications for the pharmaceutical industry.

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