Pharmaceutical Applications

X-ray CT (computed tomography) is a non-destructive 3D imaging technique. It can reveal various defects of tablets, pills, and capsules, that might be missed if you grind them and only analyze them chemically. X‑ray CT images can provide insights into what might be the root cause of underperforming drug products in the product development and troubleshooting processes.

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What can be analyzed?

X-ray CT can be used for:

  • Tablet crack and void analysis
  • Coating thickness and delamination analysis
  • Aggregates, amorphous, crystalline phase analysis
  • Degradation and dissolution process imaging
  • Spray-dried particles' shape, size, and morphology analysis

Learning resources

To learn more about CT data analysis for pharmaceutical samples:

To learn more about X‑ray micro-CT:

Pharmaceuticals application examples

Explore application examples to see if X-ray CT can help you with your research or production challenges.

What is micro-CT?

How does it work? How much does it cost? Do I need It? What are the common problems?
To learn everything you need to know about micro-CT, you can start here: What is micro-CT?

Recommended products

Rigaku's CT scanners for pharmaceuticals

For resolution and contrast nano3DX

Recommended when you need submicron resolution or want to enhance the contrast between similar low-density organic materials


For versatility CT Lab HX

Recommended for sample imaging that requires flexibility in sample size and resolution

CT Lab HX130 1200w

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