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High-voltage and high-resolution CT scanner for industrial inspection and failure analysis

Rigaku CT Lab HV is a high-resolution and high-voltage industrial X-ray CT (computed tomography) scanner. The large radiation enclosure, wide door opening, 225 kV high-voltage X-ray source, and variable SOD (source-to-object distance) and SDD (source-to-detector distance) provide the ultimate flexibility to scan small to large samples, up to 600 mm in diameter ×1200 mm in height with a 350 mm FOV (field of view) non-destructively. The high-resolution setting achieves true 3-micron spatial resolution. Our unrivaled technical support will help you utilize state-of-the-art analysis and simulation techniques.

CT Lab HV Overview

What can CT Lab HV do?

Rigaku CT Lab HV is a high-resolution and high-voltage industrial X-ray CT (computed tomography) scanner. The CT Lab HV and our unrivaled technical support will help you:​​

  • Clearly see if you made your products exactly as designed by scanning them non-destructively, allowing you to compare them with the design and identify discrepancies quantitatively.​​
  • Clearly see where the problem is when your products are failing by creating a digital twin (CT scan of your product) that allows you to visually inspect the internal structures or run virtual tests such as flow and stress simulations.​​
  • Clearly see inside precious parts and objects non-destructively by scanning objects such as historical artifacts or expensive prototypes.​


How can I achieve high resolution?

Rigaku CT Lab HV uses the cone-beam geometry. This geometry uses the X-ray beam divergence to magnify the sample image. The magnification factor is determined by the ratio of SOD (source-to-object distance) and SDD (source-to-detector distance). A wide range of SOD and SDD allows a CT scanner to adjust the resolution and FOV (field of view).

By reducing SOD and increasing SDD, you can clearly see details in high resolution up to true 3-micron spatial resolution. For high-density materials, such as metals, a high-voltage X-ray source helps reduce beam hardening artifacts to further improve the image quality.

high resolution CT chart


How do I achieve 350 mm FOV?

The CT Lab HV’s large radiation enclosure, wide door opening, and variable X-ray source height, sample position, detector height and position enables the ultimate flexibility to accommodate large samples up to 600 mm in diameter ×1200 mm in height​ with up to 350 mm FOV.​

CT Lab HV door open suit case


How can I set up tests for my experiment and inspection procedures?

However clear CT images you might obtain from your scanner, the interpretation of CT data and qualification of scanned products are not always straightforward. Without proper optimization, data analysis alone can take a long time when you need the results fast.

All CT Lab HVs come with in-person training at your facility to ensure you are comfortable with collecting data and analyzing your own samples. Our experts will continue to provide technical support to help you set up your inspection procedures for the lifetime of your CT Lab HV.​

HV customer support

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CT Lab HV Features

You can scan small to large samples with up to 350 mm FOV non-destructively because of the large radiation enclosure, wide door opening, and variable SOD and SDD.
You can obtain clear images of dense materials, such as titanium and steel, with the 225 kV high-voltage X-ray source.
You can clearly see details in high-resolution up to true 3-micron spatial resolution achieved by the variable SOD and SDD for the resolution flexibility and the high-voltage X-ray source for reduced beam hardening artifacts.
You can save time by obtaining a clear image as fast as within 1 minute.
You can choose the analysis software that suits your needs the most with Rigaku’s third-party software-friendly software design.
You can get inspection results easily and confidently because Rigaku’s technical support goes beyond instrument training. Our CT experts will help you optimize scan and inspection or qualification analysis procedures.

CT Lab HV Specifications

Voxel resolution Minimum 1.5
Field of view (FOV) 4 — 350 mm
Maximum sample size 600 mm in diameter x 1200 mm in height​
Speed (shortest scan time) 1 min
Geometry Cone beam geometry
X-ray source 350 W micro source
X-ray energy W anode, adjustable applied voltage 20 - 225 kV
Detector Flatpanel
Detector pixel size 154 microns
Detector size 2816 x 2816 pixels​
Dimensions 2250 (W) x 2150 (H) x 1800 (D) mm (PC not included)
Weight Approx. 3900 kg

CT Lab HV Options

The following accessories are available for this product:


X-ray CT image visualization, processing, segmentation, and quantitative analysis software


X-ray CT image visualization, image processing, quantitative and dimensional analyses software

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