Max-flux TXRF

    Focusing Graded Multilayer Monochromator

    Maximizes intensity on the sample within the total external reflection angle for TXRF

    Introduced by Rigaku Innovative Technologies in the early 1990’s, graded multilayer monochromators provide increased intensity and decreased background for Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry.

    Max-flux TXRF Overview

    Max-flux® Optics use graded multilayers, assuring the same X-ray energy diffracts from every point along the surface of the elliptical optic. Rigaku’s Osmic® Coating technology provides results in less than 0.5% d-spacing variation. Such high precision means more flux is available for your experiment. Optical precision is also critical to good performance. Using proprietary technology, standard Max-flux optics are made within ~10 arcsec of the ideal curve. When the best performance is required, Rigaku applies new Arc)Sec® technology to achieve optical precision of ≤4 arcsec

    Max-flux TXRF Features

    Easy alignment
    Increased intensity on sample
    Greatly decreased background, especially from spurious lines from the X-ray source
    Excellent control of X-ray beam profile and divergence
    Improved data collection
    Available for Cu, Mo, Co, Ag, Au, Cr, W Kα, W Kβ and other X-ray energies

    Max-flux TXRF Specifications

    Technique For Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence spectrometry
    Benefit Increased intensity on the sample
    Technology Multilayer elliptical optics
    Attributes Excellent Kα/Kβ ratio
    Options Custom designed

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