Confocal Max-Flux SAXS

Specialized Optic for Use In SAXS Applications

Special Confocal Max-Flux optic designed for use in small angle scattering

Confocal Max-Flux® Beam Conditioning Optics for X-ray diffraction offer high intensity, high flux, high flux density, and high resolution. The unique side-by-side optical geometry creates a compact assembly that can simultaneously monochromatize and either focus or collimate a divergent X-ray beam

Confocal Max-Flux SAXS Overview

Confocal Max-Flux® with Arc)Sec® Technology

When the highest optical precision is required, proprietary Arc)Sec® technology is combined with Confocal Max-Flux® optics to provide multilayer optics with < 4 arcsec precision in optical figure. Arc)Sec® Confocal Max-Flux® optics provide increased flux and decreased background with very uniform beam profiles, capable of achieving beam spots under 5 microns diameter.

Design Flexibility

Monochromatize while simultaneously achieving one of the following:

  • Focus a beam from one point to another – a significant increase in monochromatic flux density at the focal point
  • Collimate a beam from a point source to illuminate a specific area
  • Focus a parallel beam – a significant increase in monochromatic flux density at the focal point

As the longest operating commercial manufacturer of multilayer optics, RIT’s Confocal Max-Flux® optics provide the highest flux, cleanest spectrum and most uniform beam profile of any multilayer optics available today. Customizable bandwidth can be achieved by configuring the optic and multilayer parameters.

Confocal Max-Flux SAXS Features

Increased flux with decreased background noise
Designed and controlled beam divergence
Improved final resolution
Shorter data collection time
Designed to focus an X-ray beam at either the sample or detector
Resolution and angular range of the measurement can be simultaneously improved
Robust easy to use mounting hardware customized to fit your instrument

Confocal Max-Flux SAXS Specifications

Technique For small angle X-ray scattering instrumentation
Benefit High flux and low divergence
Technology Multilayer confocal optics
Core attributes Excellent Kα/Kβ ratio
Core options Custom designed

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