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Webinar: Determination of Element Concentrations in Petrochemical, Biodiesel Samples Using XRF Method

XRF Petro/biodiesel webinar

X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) is one of the most important instrumental analytical methods of our time. It can be used to analyze element concentrations in the range of a few ppm up to 100% reliably and quickly.

In many areas such as refineries, tank terminals, lubricant manufacturers, and contract labs, the elemental content of petrochemical samples must be analyzed. These include crude oils, fuels, lubricants with various additives and used mineral oils with abrasives, as well as biodiesel and raw materials such as animal fat or cooked oil. The element concentrations can be determined by standard-specific calibrations, universal calibrations, or fundamental parameter methods.

Compared to other techniques, XRF saves time not only on sample preparation but also on the calibration. This makes XRF a super-powerful technique that should not be overlooked in any process and quality laboratory.

During the webinar, super-easy sample preparation—including the solidification method and the powerful universal calibration—will be presented. Using examples from the field, it will be shown how elemental contents can be determined quickly and precisely using XRF with minimal effort.

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Dr. Magdalena Grzywa

Dr. Magdalena Grzywa