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Combined XRD-DSC


Simultaneously perform XRD and DSC measurements

Rigaku XRD-DSC is able to perform in situ Differential Scanning Calorimetry measurements in an X-Ray Diffractometer. These measurements can be carried out simultaneously. This enables researchers to be able to continuously monitor changes in crystalline materials during phase changes such as polymorphic transformations, dehydration, fusion or solidification.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous measurement of crystallographic and thermal changes
  • Measurement temperature – to 350°C (optional from -40°C)
  • Measurement atmosphere – air, inert gas, humidity (up to 90%RH with optional HUM-1)


The ability to take both XRD and DSC measurements simultaneously not only saves time and labor,  allowing you to streamline your workflow. Furthermore, it also provides data that can be directly correlated as it has been collected under identical experimental conditions, providing a high degree of reliability. This in turn allows thermal and crystallographic changes to be tracked simultaneously.


Organic materials and compounds Electronic materials
Medicines and pharmaceuticals Battery materials
Polymers and plastics Other materials