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TOPIQ | Analytical Tools for the Cement Industry: Backup with Powerful Benchtop X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer and X-ray Diffractometer

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High-performance benchtop WDXRF and XRD analyzers in the cement industry – now with 51.5 mm sample geometry

XRF and XRD are used as the major techniques in cement plants to analyze the quality of raw and alternative materials, raw meal, fuels, clinker, finished cements and the efficiency of the production process itself. Accurate and fast (in just a few minutes) analysis of elemental and phase compositions of samples of various production stages enable a tight process and quality control in the plants. 

Rigaku offers WDXRF and XRD benchtop instruments, the Supermini200 and MiniFlex600 respectively, with high accuracy and precision, that can be used as backup instruments for large plants, for smaller plants and grinding plants, but also for various tasks in research laboratories. Both instruments can handle samples with a standard sample geometry of 40 mm or 51.5 mm as steel rings.

The Supermini200 is a high-power benchtop WDXRF spectrometer that, due to its excellent light element performance, allows the monitoring of alkalais and the control of Cl. During the session, the analytical capabilities of the Supermini200 will be shown for both pressed powder and fused beads using certified reference materials.

The MiniFlex600 is a benchtop XRD for qualitative and quantitative analysis of mineralogical compositions (phases) in limestone, hot meal, clinker, finished cement (CEMI, CEM II, CEM III, CEM IV and CEM V) and others. Its powerful Rietveld software, in combination with the Rigaku Cement Database, makes the quantification of phase compositions easy and fast.

Both analytical instruments are norm compliant. This TOPIQ webinar will present the analytical power of Supermini200 and Miniflex600 on certified cement samples. 

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