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Sample Preparation and High-Performance Benchtop XRF Spectrometry as an Analytical Tool in the Construction Industry

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Presenters: Dr. Tanja Butt and Carmen Kaiser-Brügmann

XRF is used as the major analytical technique in the construction sector and will be used to test the quality of various materials. 

WDXRF spectrometry is used to quantify construction and building materials. The Webinar will focus on various applications used to test the quality of raw materials and final construction and building materials. The most important is the sample preparation of the various types of materials to obtain accurate and precise results.

Cement plants all over the world use products from RETSCH when it comes to sample preparation tasks. From the inspection of raw materials and aggregates to the quality control of the clinker and final Portland cement and to the determination of the calorific value of the fuels (coal or secondary), RETSCH’s mills and crushers as well as the sample dividers are the products of choice. This is also true for the quality control of other materials of the construction sector – such as wood, rocks, asphalt, polymers or quartz. Retsch offers instruments to meet the different requirements of those various materials– in terms of sample size, sample volume and required final fineness.

Rigaku offers WDXRF benchtop instrument, the Supermini200. The instrument can handle samples with a standard sample holder of 40 mm or 51.5 mm as steel rings. With high accuracy and precision, the instrument can be used for large and smaller manufacturing plants including grinding plants and for various tasks in research laboratories. 

The Supermini200 is a high-power benchtop WDXRF Spectrometer that allows due to its excellent light element performance the monitoring of alkalis and the control of Cl. During the session, the analytical capabilities of the Supermini200 will be demonstrated for both pressed powder and fused beads on various building materials like concrete, bentonite, roof tiles, steel and more.

The analytical instrument is norm complaint, this Webinar will present the analytical power of Supermini200. The sample preparation will be discussed and shown in detail.

During the 90 minute complimentary Webinar you will be hosted by the Product Manager from Retsch on sample preparation and the XRF Specialist from Rigaku on the accurate analysis of the various materials. During the Webinar specialist from Retsch and Rigaku will show you how to prepare and analyze various materials used in the construction sector. The webinar concludes with a Q&A session — your chance to put any specific questions you have to the panel of experts. 

At the end of the webinar, we provide participants with a download package that contains all the information.

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