Testimonial: CrystecPharma - MiniFlex II

Dan Ledger
CrystecPharma, UK
  1. We were looking for an XRD with a small footprint to fit into our lab. Small sample size with high sensitivity, and a unit capable of screening samples quickly was essential. 
  2. Even without the autosampler module, the speed and simplicity of the machine allows us to immediately analyse samples following production of our research batches, we can then process and review the data within minutes. Previously we were using a stand alone machine which required at least 45 minutes per sample.
  3. Rapid screening to allow fast turn around of our R&D experiments.
  4. Sensitivity, small sample size.
  5. We would certainly recommend this system to anyone, it's simple enough for anyone to use and has all the advanced features you would expect for more detailed analysis when required.
  6. Great experience all round. We had some doubts at first about the capability of benchtop units, but following a hands-on demonstration by Scimed and some model analysis carried out by Rigaku, it was clear the machine was more than capable and ideal for our purposes.