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  • Compact benchtop design
  • 130 kV, 39 W high-power X-ray source
  • Large field of view (max. 200 mm diameter)
  • High-resolution (max. 2.2 μm voxel resolution)
  • High-speed (max. 18 seconds/scan)
  • Easy-to-use software

Versatile X-ray Micro-Ct Scanner

High-performance benchtop


Rigaku CT Lab HX is a high-performance benchtop X-ray micro-CT system with the most powerful X-ray source in its class (130 kV, 39 W). The CT Lab HX has the advantage of a small footprint with low running costs.

Versatile: Both the sample stage and detector positions are selectable. This flexible geometry eliminates wasted space and accommodates a wide range of settings, from a maximum 200 mm field of view (FOV) to the best voxel resolution 2.2 µm in a benchtop system.

The powerful X-ray source covers a wide variety of applications, from polymer and bones to electronics and metals, and enables fast data collection at 18 seconds per scan.

Live mode and in-situ imaging: Observe real-time structural changes in-situ with 2D live mode image collection or high-speed CT scans. These features are effective for observing flow and diffusion of liquid or structural change caused by environmental changes.

Product name CT Lab HX
Benefit High-performance benchtop X-ray micro-CT
Technology X-ray computed tomography
X-ray generator 39 W sealed micro-source
Tube voltage 30 to 130 kV
Tube current up to 300 μA
Target W
Detector Flat-panel
Field of view Maximum 200 mm
Resolution Maximum 2.2 μm

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