Micro-Z ULS

Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur (S) Analyzer

Measure ultralow sulfur (ULS) in petroleum fuels by ASTM D2622-10

Designed for ultralow level sulfur analysis of diesel, petrol (gasoline) and other fuels, the Rigaku Micro-Z ULS wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) instrument features a novel design that measures both the sulfur peak and the back-ground intensity. The ability to measure and correct for changes in background intensity delivers a better net peak intensity measurement, resulting in superior calibrations and enhanced real world precision. Rigaku Micro-Z ULS complies with ASTM 2622-10, ISO 20884 and JIS K2541-7 methods.

Micro-Z ULS Overview

Superior optics for reliable sulfur analyses

The Rigaku Micro-Z ULS is the ideal solution for sulfur analysis of petroleum based fuels, with a lower limit of detection (LLD) of 0.3 ppm sulfur. Employing robust fixed optics in a vacuum environment, and featuring a specially designed doubly curved RX-9 analyzing crystal, the Micro Z ULS delivers consistent high sensitivity measurements.

ASTM D2622 performance for non-technical users

Specifically designed for non-technical users, all operations – from calibration through routine analysis – can be performed via the easy-to-use interface. And the analyzer can be powered by any standard “wall” AC outlet.

Micro-Z ULS Features

Ultralow sulfur analysis of diesel and gasoline
0.3 ppm lower limit of detection (LLD)
No He(g) purge required
Easy-to-use benchtop analyzer
Complies with ASTM D2622-10
Complies with ISO 20884
Complies with JIS K2541-7

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Micro-Z ULS Specifications

Technique Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence
Benefit Ultralow level sulfur analysis of fuels: ISO 20884, ASTM D2622 and JIS K2541-7
Technology WDXRF (fixed channel w/ background correction)
Attributes 40 kV Cr-anode X-ray tube, doubly curved RX-9 analyzing crystal
Options Thermal dot printer, RS-232C data output
Computer Internal computer, Micro-Z ULS software
Dimensions 450 (W) x 410 (H) x 440 (D) mm
Mass 36 kg (core unit)
Power requirements 1Ø, 100-120 VAC, 15 A or 200-240 VAC, 10 A

Micro-Z ULS Application Notes

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