Small Angle and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering Instrument

Advanced SAXS/WAXS for nanostructure analysis

Rigaku NANOPIX SAXS/WAXS measurement system is a new X-ray scattering instrument designed for nano-structure analyses. NANOPIX can be used for both small angle scattering (SAXS) and wide angle scattering (WAXS) measurements, which makes it possible to evaluate multi-scale structures from sub-nanometer to nano-order (0.1 nm to 100 nm). It achieves the highest level of small angle resolution (Qmin to 0.02 nm⁻¹) for a laboratory SAXS instrument.

NANOPIX Overview

Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)

Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) is a technique used to study nano-scale structures of atoms or molecules as well as their non-uniformity by measuring the diffuse scattering from unequal electron density areas. SAXS experiments are performed in a wide range of fields from R&D to quality control.

SAXS/WAXS measurements for many applications

NANOPIX SAXS/WAXS measurement system is applicable to a variety of materials, such as: solids, liquids, liquid-crystals, or gels (with ordered and disordered structures). Diverse applications include: nano-particle size distribution analyses, three-dimensional protein molecule structure analyses, identification of molecular assembly or disassembly, and research of advanced materials, such as carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP).

Ultrahigh-performance SAXS/WAXS design

Rigaku NANOPIX SAXS/WAXS measurement system is configured with a high-brilliance, high-power point focus X-ray source, the OptiSAXS high-performance multilayer mirror, the ClearPinhole high-performance, low scattering pinhole slits, and the HyPix-3000 high-performance 2D semiconductor detector that enables detecting diffraction and scattering even from anisotropic materials. Optionally, the HyPix-6000 detector is also available for wide angle measurements, offering an expanded detection area by combining two detection modules. As one of the features, the sample-to-detector distance is changeable depending on the structure size ranging from atomic structure (micro-structures: 0.2 - 1 nm) to molecular structure (macro-structures: 1 - 100 nm).

SAXS/WAXS with broad experimental range

NANOPIX enables measurements under various temperature or humidity conditions, experiments with simultaneous DSC (differential scanning calorimetry) measurements, as well as measurements in combination with special attachments or other external devices. Control of the measurement environment is indispensable for the research of structure-property relationships of functional materials.

NANOPIX Features

High-power point focus X-ray source
OptiSAXS high-performance multilayer optics
ClearPinhole high-performance pinhole slits
HyPix-3000 high-performance 2D HPAD detector
Superior small angle resolution (Qmin to 0.02 nm⁻¹)

NANOPIX Specifications

Technique Small angle and wide angle X-ray scattering
Benefit Advanced SAXS/WAXS for nanostructure analysis
Technology High-flux X-ray instrument for SAXS/WAXS
Attributes Powerful X-ray source with OptiSAXS optics and HPC detector
Options GI SAXS, DSC, Temperature and humidity control
Computer External PC, MS Windows OS, NANOPIX Guidance, 2DP, SAXS 1D

NANOPIX Application Notes

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