Process EDXRF Elemental Analyzer for Liquid Process Streams

On-line process control for liquid stream applications

NEX OL is a process elemental analyzer for liquid stream applications. It offers continuous measurement of aluminum (Al) to uranium (U), from parts per million (ppm) levels to weight percent (wt%) concentrations. NEX LS serves a broad range of process control applications from heavy industrial to food-grade process gauging solutions.

NEX OL Overview

Real-time elemental analysis of liquids

Featuring advanced flow cell designs in combination with EDXRF technology, the Rigaku NEX OL process analyzer delivers on-line, multi-element analysis of aluminum (Al) to uranium (U) for liquid streams. It is configurable for use in classified and non-classified areas, has easy calibration and routine operation, standard communications protocols, and features an intuitive industrial touchscreen user interface. 

The EDXRF measuring head assembly comes from the well-established NEX QC+ high-resolution benchtop instrument for superior analytical performance and reliability. This proven technology, combined with a 50 kV X-ray tube, a silicon drift detector (SDD), and a standardized, optimized suite of tube filters, makes the NEX OL well-suited for many process control applications.

NEX OL Features

Real-time XRF elemental analysis of liquids
From ppm levels to wt% concentrations
Analyze Al to U non-destructively
Industrial touchscreen user interface
Configurable for classified and nonclassified areas
Standard communication protocols
Routine maintenance typically requires no tools
No dangerous radioisotopes
Robust Rigaku NEX QC+ optical kernel with SDD
Easy empirical calibration and routine operation

NEX OL Specifications

Technique On-line energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF)
Benefit Real-time, on-line elemental analysis of Al through U in liquid streams
Technology Process EDXRF using NEX QC+ high-resolution optical kernel
Attributes 50 kV 4 W X-ray tube, high-performance SDD, toolless flow cell design, analyze Al to U, embedded computer with an intuitive industrial touchscreen user interface, industry-standard communications protocols
Power requirements 110 – 240 V, 2.5 – 1.5 A (47/63 Hz), dedicated supply

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