X-ray Micro Computed Tomography Seminar and Workshop

In this seminar, we learned about various applications of X-ray micro-computed tomography (CT) in geology and archeology from the top researchers making the most of X-ray CT in their fields.


USC campus
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1. Integrating MicroCT to Improve Research and Pedagogy in Earth Sciences

Dr. Emily Cooperdock, Assistant Professor, Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences | Brown University

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2. Assessing Trabecular Bone Architecture at the Divergence of Bird-Line (Avemetatarsalia) And Croc-Line (Pseudosuchia) Archosaurs to Reveal Cardiopulmonary Evolution and Soft Tissue Relationships

Paul Byrne, Ph.D. Student, Dinosaur Institute | University of Southern California

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3. Deep Learning Automated Image Segmentation - No expertise required

Dr. Mike Marsh, Director of Product Management, Dragonfly | Object Research Systems, Inc.

4. Ion Exchange Processes and Crystal Imaging of Pb Sequestration in Clinoptilolite

Dr. Aaron Celestian, Curator, Mineral Sciences | Natural History Museum of Los Angeles  

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